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Important Topic For Paper-I For UPSC 2020

Updated on 15 February 2020
UPSC & State PSC 2021
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Discussing the questions that could come to your exam is very interesting. We have seen students searching for the essential questions for the exam before two days. It is a human tendency of all the students that they want to get the vital questions to prepare them briefly.

 But we always ask our dear students to prepare a topic properly and don't leave any question or subtopic for your exam. Every item in your syllabus is essential for clearing MPPSC 2020

Here are the few important topics that one can cover for the exam to score good marks.

  • The first topic that one has to cover is Indian and World geography. When it comes to reading about Geography, there are many topics that one can cover. One can learn about the geography of India the different states and the places.

  • Also one can read about the geography of the world and how the countries are situated. There are hundreds of countries around the globe, along with the states and the cities. Therefore when you are going to start reading this topic, you have to cover a lot of subtopics.

  • You can take the help of online websites to get knowledge of all geographical areas in the world or India.

  • These online websites are providing all the information related to the exam. The examiner is going to ask a lot of questions regarding this topic. Therefore if you know the essential issues, you have to cover it precisely.

  • After this, now know about the economy of India is also important. The economy of India is not very much good at the early time, but now the economy is increasing. Because of various practices of people and the government, the GDP is growing from the last few years. But this year the situation is a little different because the GDP is decreasing. 

  • Government is trying to aware people why it is essential to work in different areas. Now, when a person leaves working for a single day, the GDP of India decreases.

  • Therefore it is we, and that is affecting the GDP of India allot.

After there are sports is a vital topic to clear MPPSC 2020. Different teams are playing many tournaments and the leaves. There are many sports in India, and the people are playing them wholeheartedly.

Therefore if you are a similar kind of person who loves to play sports then here is the best answer for you. You can get all the knowledge of all the games to clear MPPSC 2020.

We hope now you got the answers and now you can quickly write your paper. Clearing the exam will become very easy if you are taking help from online websites. Updated information is there on the online sites that could help you to develop the skills. Even the exam clearing will become very easy after knowing the tactics. Therefore prepare well for the exam after knowing the whole syllabus. It will help you to crack the exam this time.

All The Best to All The UPSC 2020 Aspirants !

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