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MPPSC 2020 Main Essential historical topics GS-I

Updated on 20 May 2021
UPSC & State PSC 2021
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Updated on 20 May 2021

MPPSC 2020 exams are coming, and students are preparing to the best of their level. Some students are searching for the essential questions on the Internet. The Internet is the most accessible source nowadays to get all the notes in detail.

Therefore online website has the responsibility to provide all the notes to the students. The notes have to be detailed enough to let the student understand what you are talking about it.

We are going to discuss a few subtopics along with some tricks to choose the online website.

Few essential topics from the history:

  1. One has to go to the history of medieval India. One has to cover the Rajput and the North Indian kingdoms. There are too many stories and the freedom fighters that stay in The Rajput kingdom.

  1. After this, the kingdom of Deccan is another thing that one has to cover a doll with the rashtrakutas.

  1. Now, after covering this, one has to read about the Sultan of Delhi. And how the Sultan is ruling in Delhi for a long time?

  1. After this Khilji dynasty and the Tughlaq dynasty is essential topics along with the Syed and Lodhi Dynasty. This dynasty is are very vast and the history situated in them. Therefore one can get a chance to read about the entire dynasty and how they were surviving at that time.

  1. Given the administration under the Delhi Sultan, it was very different, and people have to suffer a lot of things at that time.

  1. The search will not end there; one has to read about the Vijayanagar Empire. The Empire was from 1336 to 1672 A.D.

  1. Once you have gone through these topics, Indians under Mughals and the ruling of Aurangzeb carries a lot of topics to cover for a student.

  1. The fight between the Mughals and the opposition is exciting. The examiner will try to put a few questions about Aurangzeb and Shahjahan kingdoms.

  1. Shajahan has ruled for many years and hence created history.

  1. After this, one can read about the way and the formation of the dynasty and how they had de

Therefore we have seen that there are a lot of topics that one has to cover. For thousands of years, different rulers ruled India, and people have to suffer a lot.

It is the reason why people in democratic India are very aggressive. They have seen a lot of things in the pressure of 2 dynasties is and kingdoms.

One can get a detailed note about the same from Google. Many websites are telling the students that how they can prepare about history very quickly. Even one can read from many sites and then can try to make the notes for the final revision.


We have just given a few of the topics above for MPPSC 2020 Exam, but reading about them in detail is your duty. We will try to cover all the essential topics in a few of our next sessions.

All The Best To All the MPPSC 2020 Aspirnats !

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