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The essential Geography part for MPPSC 2020 Exam

Updated on 15 February 2020
UPSC & State PSC
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Here we will talk about the geography of India very briefly. We will not cover a lot of topics, but we will try to sum-up the topics in short. It will help the students to know about the topic in brief, and they can judge the answers.

 The geography of India is from east to west and north to south. Therefore knowing every factor is not very easy. So we have decided to go through some of the factors that are affecting the geography of India.

Factors affecting the geography of India:

  • Many physical factors are affecting the geography of India. The sudden climatic changes and the earthquakes what is the reason for moderation in the geography.

  • Earlier, the Seasons were long, and they stay for a long time at a specific place. But nowadays the Seasons are becoming short there are very fewer winters in the Northern part of India.

  • It shows that some of the activities are affecting the climate of India.

  • After this, there are a lot of human factors that affect India a lot. Humans are doing a lot of things that are harmful to the environment.

  • Excessive use of natural resources is one of the human interruptions in geographies. More the fuel and the natural resources people are using more the environment is affecting.

  • Even we can say that within a few years there will be no natural fuels or very few natural fuels for our next generation.

  • After that, the soil present in various parts of India is becoming infertile.

  • It is affecting the farmers allowed because they are unable to do farming on the land.

  • It isn't effortless to say how various human activities are affecting humans indirectly.

  • The food processing industries are using the food in such a large quantity. They are serving the food to guests daily.

  • But along with the serving of food, there is wastage that is uncontrollable.

  • People are throwing the food after making it and storing it for just a few hours. Because of ate, a lot of food material is being wasted daily in these industries.


The things mentioned above are human-made disasters. Right now, we do not understand it correctly the wrong something we are doing. But in the future, it will come to us. But at that point in the future, there is nothing else to do apart from regretting.

There is much awareness comes that the government and NGOs are organizing. It is essential to aware of the people of urban cities about the depletion of natural resources.

We cannot change the things within one day; therefore, it will take time. But if we are practicing from the bottom of the heart, it will become effortless to save these resources.


Reading about all these things is very important to clear the MPPSC 2020 exam. These are all essential and current topics. Therefore there are many chances that the government will try to put the questions from these current topics.

All The Best to All The MPPSC 2020 Aspirants !

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