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Essential Subtopics to be covered: MPPSC 2020

Updated on 15 February 2020
UPSC & State PSC
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Are you also trying to find the main topics of paper 1 for MPPSC 2020? Is it becoming difficult for you to cover all the topics at the endpoint? Then we are going to provide few subtopics for clearing the MPPSC 2020. Syllabus one has to cover throughout the year is different. One can get the syllabus from the official website, but here we are giving you essential subtopics from the whole syllabus. It is not vital that the questions will come from these topics only. But one has to cover the topics thoroughly.

MPPSC 2020 paper one main topics:

  • The general science topics for the MPPSC exam are vital for every student to cover. The general science topic will cover all the daily life things that are indirectly related to science. Apart from this, the questions will also include experiments. The other searches being done in the laboratories in Madhya Pradesh.

  • The environment will be the most essential and most significant topic for the exam, as it will include many other topics. The atmosphere is very diverse in Madhya Pradesh from one place to another. Even in the last few years, there are many changes recorded by the researchers. Therefore one has to cover a lot of things and the environment of Madhya Pradesh that examiner could ask.

  • Now, after this, the current affairs and the current events of Madhya Pradesh are essential. The government is taking very major actions to improve the situation of the state. Even the people are cooperating with the government to let them take a few essential steps.

  • The government is also trying to collaborate with various International Groups for growth. It was the most popular tourist place in India in 2019. People from various places in the world come here to see the beauty of the site. Therefore these changes will be one of the parts of the question in MPPSC 2020.

  • After this, the history of India and the history of Madhya Pradesh are closely related. The Independence fight is very relevant to this state, and many records are there to know about India. Independent India has grown a lot from the last few months. People are trying to invest as much as they can for the growth of India.

So to clear MPPSC 2020 is very important to read about the history of India.


Henceforth we have covered all the essential topics that may come in your exam this year. Now the final decision will be yours that how you are going to prepare. Going out and studying in the coaching centers will consume your time.

Therefore one can take the help of online websites as they will help you to prepare from your home. Even it will be fun and very feasible to study in one place. The student can concentrate more while exploring through these websites.


Comment in the comment box starts on what all topics you want the revision. If you are confused between any questions, then you can comment on it. Our experts will solve the queries.

All The Best To All The UPSC 2020 Aspirants !

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