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MPPSC 2020 - Optional Subject | Environment

Updated on 15 February 2020
UPSC & State PSC 2021
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Our environment is carrying a lot of things in it. We are living because of the surroundings and fresh air we have. But the way global warming is increasing it is becoming very alarming to save the environment through various means. There are many environmental topics that the examiner is going to cover for MPPSC 2020. So here is the list of essential ecological issues that will help you a lot to prepare for the exam.

The environment is essential:

  1. Agricultural practices have to be improved. A large number of crops are being grown in different parts of our country. But the method being used is not the new techniques but the older methods. This method includes a lot of time and wastage of our resources. For example, using water from the Wells in large amount keeps on depleting the water resource. Therefore it is essential to improve agricultural practices in various parts of our country. It will eventually help to get better outcomes along with saving our environment.

  1. Animal husbandry and keeping the animals is a way to get the eatable things from them to sell. Many parts of the country are doing various practices related to animal husbandry. But the way people are using to keep the animals on the farms is right or not is a huge question. Taking things from the animal to sell is not a bad idea, but in return, you have to take care of the animals. But in most of the farmers in our country, the farmers are seeking different things from the animals but not taking care of them. Therefore it is becoming essential to take care of the animals if you are getting something from them.

  1. Our environment and wildlife are related. The forest and the natural centuries in our country are trying to save the animals in different ways. There are many policies that the government had passed that states that one can not harm any animal. Especially those species that are going to deplete in a few years, taking care of them is essential.

  1. Therefore we have gone through the three essential factors of the environment. The rural life, animal husbandry, and zoo life all three have to be in a balance to provide the best outcomes to our balanced environmental life.

Now, if you are looking for a various medium to study adequately for the exam, then choosing the online websites to prepare is an excellent idea for the students. One can avail of the free notes from this online website to study thoroughly. Studying will become very interesting if you are doing it with all your interest and putting your knowledge to get the best outcomes. Preparing for MPPSC 2020 will become very easy with your full efforts.

Prepare for the exam thoroughly to clear it in your first attempt. If you have any queries regarding exams, you can comment in the comment box to know the best possible answers.

All The Best To All The MPPSC 2020 Aspirants !

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