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MPPSC 2020 Mains GS-III Syllabus | NCERT Books | Important Topics

Updated on 15 February 2020
UPSC & State PSC 2021
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Preparing for the MPPSC exam is very important for all the students. So, in this case, searching for multiple options for preparing is very natural. Many students are preparing for many months day and night. But when it comes to the final revision, sometimes, it becomes difficult to know the relevant topics. In that case, students love to search on different online websites that could provide them with short notes.

The quick note could help a lot to prepare half of the questions for the exam. Now here we are going to discuss some critical issues for MPPSC GS 3.

List of subtopics:

  1. Knowing about the energy and the fuel being used in our country is very important. There are multiple numbers of natural and human-made fuels that people are using. 

  1. Even some of the natural fuels are being depleted from the last few years. Therefore it is essential to conserve the fuels to use them in the future. If humans go on using natural fuels like this, then the days very soon when there will be very little fuel left for human beings.

  1. After this environment will be a very vast topic. One has to prepare a lot of issues that are related to the environment. Even our environment is getting affected by various things; therefore, saving it becomes very important for human beings. 

  1. If you are also preparing for the MPPSC exam, then covering the environmental topics is essential. The examiner is going to ask you questions from this topic for sure.

  1. Sustainable development of the country is possible only when people are using the resources properly. Unnecessary usage of natural and human-made resources makes it difficult for the person to let the growth of the country be sustainable. 

  1. We all are affecting the growth of the country in one way or the other. Therefore we must check the need for development emergency in various sectors. It is essential for the healthy life of human beings shortly.

The other question will be why the Indian economy is going down? Why students are unable to go in the right direction for studying various objects. Is it so difficult to learn a few things? Hence here we are going to answer all these things in brief. Students are learning from various books but avoiding NCERT books. Yes, the NCERT books are a little tricky, but the way of mechanism and techniques present in these books is not available anywhere other. Therefore referring to NCERT books is very important to know about the economic growth of the country. There are NCERT PDF books that are available on websites that help students to study more effectively.

So if now you know all the subtopics for your exam and the way to prepare. It's time to do the same in the right direction. Going to online websites and checking their notes on various topics will help you a lot to prepare.

All The Best To All The MPPSC 2020 Aspirants !

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