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Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning SSC CGL 2020

Updated on 05 August 2021
SSC 2021 Preparation Strategie
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Updated on 05 August 2021

The SSC CGL exam is just around the corner, with few days left for the examination, it is essential that candidates gear up their exam preparation. In the SSC CGL Tier 1 exam, reasoning and General Intelligence is a quiet scoring section. Note that this section almost makes up 25% of the Tier 1 exam. Observing its importance, candidates must pay attention to this section. First and foremost, you must stay in tune with the SSC CGL syllabus and exam pattern before proceeding with your preparation. Following this, candidates should analyze their last year’s question papers to get an idea about the important topics from this section. 

To make the preparation easier for you, we are providing the complete exam pattern, verbal and non-verbal reasoning topics, tips to prepare, and sample questions from these sections. This will help you understand various verbal and non-verbal reasoning concepts better. 

Exam Pattern


This section of the exam will consist of 25 questions. Each question is of 2 marks each and 0.50 marks will be deducted in case of an incorrect answer. The SSC CGL Tier 1 exam will consist of four sections i.e. English, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Intelligence & Reasoning. The total time allotted for this exam is 60 minutes and you will have to answer 100 questions.

Non-Verbal Reasoning 

The Non-verbal reason checks a candidate’s ability to think creatively, information processing capacity, and evaluation skills. 

Important Topics of Verbal reasoning are as follows

  1. Mirror and Water Image 
  2. Paper Cutting and Folding 
  3. Cubes and Dices
  4. Embedded Figures
  5. Matrix-based questions 
  6. Image-based questions 

Sample Questions for Non-Verbal Reasoning 

Q 1. Choose the figure that will come next in the following series 

Q 2. Count the number of triangles in the figure given below 


(1) 11

(2) 10

(3) 13


Q.3 Choose the mirror image of the given figure when the mirror is placed to the right of the figure

(1) 1

(2) 2

(3) 3

(4) 4

Q. 4. Choose the odd one out of the following

(1) I

(2) II

(3) III

(4) IV

Verbal Reasoning 

Verbal reasoning comprises of 80% questions of the General Intelligence and Reasoning section. This section evaluates a candidate’s critical thinking. 

Important Topics for verbal reasoning are as follows:

  1. Analogy
  2. Classification
  3. Number Series
  4. Coding-Decoding
  5. Word Formation
  6. Direction Sense
  7. Ranking and Arrangements 
  8. Arrangement of Words
  9. Alphabet Series 

Sample Questions for Verbal reasoning 

Q.1. ‘Labourer’ is related to ‘Wages’ in the same way as ‘Entrepreneur’ is related to  

A. Loan

B. Internet

C. Taxes

D. Profit

Q.2. A man pointing to a photograph says, “The lady in the photograph is my nephew’s maternal grandmother.” How is the lady in the photograph related to the man’s sister who has no other sister?

A. Mother

B. Cousin

C. Mother–in–law

D. Sister–in–law

Q.3. If MADRAS can be written as ARSARS, how can ARKONAM be written in that code?





Q.4.  Select the odd word/ letters/ number/ number pair from the given alternative.

(A) 1728

(B) 4096

(C) 5832

(D) 2746

How to prepare for Non-Verbal & Verbal reasoning?- Simple Tips & Tricks 

Read & Understand the Question Carefully- Candidates should read each question asked in the paper carefully. You need to analyze the question and figure out what is being asked. This is because non-verbal questions are very tricky. There may be chances when you might misinterpret the question or get confused. So, we suggest you read and understand the question carefully before actually solving them. 

Mock Test For SSC CGL

Make your own Technique for learning- You must make your own learning technique to solve the non-verbal reasoning questions. Figure out a way in which you are comfortable and create your personal technique for learning. It can be as simple as solving the concepts visually through imaginative thinking, playing with objects or simply creating puzzles and solving them. These techniques can be highly engaging as you have created them on your own and further they can be customized as well depending on the question. 

Practice via Mock Tests - Mock tests are highly effective for practicing and preparing any kind of examination. Students need to solve these tests so that they can figure out their weaknesses during the preparation and improve accordingly. Moreover, it also helps you get acquainted with the complete SSC CGL syllabus and exam pattern as they are designed according to the actual examination. 

Study from the best Reference Materials- Candidates should study for their verbal & non-verbal reasoning section from the best reference books only. There might be many books available in the market however you need to sort and learn from reliable sources only. 

Some of the best reference books for Verbal & Non-Verbal reasoning are as follows:

  1. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (R S Aggarwal)
  2. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Hindi (Kiran Publication)
  3. Logical & Analytical Reasoning – English (A K Gupta)

Refer to last year’s question papers- Candidates should refer to the last year’s question papers to know the important topics of the examination. They need to analyze these papers and find out the highest weightage and common topics that are asked in the paper each year. This will help them give priority to important topics and score good marks in the examination. 

To conclude, we have mentioned the complete non-verbal and verbal reasoning topics above along with sample questions. Candidates can take a look at these for their SSC CGL preparation and go the extra mile to learn and understand the concepts more thoroughly. Good luck!

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