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5 Ways to Polish Your Prose For SSC CGL 2020

Updated on 13 March 2020
SSC 2021 Preparation Strategie
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Updated on 13 March 2020

Are you preparing for the SSC CGL 2020 ? May the force of your prose be with you! The Staff Selection Committee Combined Graduate Level or the SSC CGL 2020 examination is the pole you need to vault when it comes to clearing your way to a staffer at a government job.

The 3-tier SSC CGL 2020 examination helps higher authorities in the government recruit staff-level candidates for openings in different government departments. And one of the core areas of the test remains your crisp command on the English language, with papers on English comprehension in both Tier one and two.


English language comprehension exercise is a test of your rendezvous with four absolute arenas - 




4.Sentence formation, re-arrangement

1. Vocabulary

The vocabulary segment covers your grasp on multiple forms of vocalisations - from simple spellings to word usage - synonyms, antonyms, word substitution and more. This segment analyses the creative way in which you choose and use your words.

Based on these reasons, a vocabulary test is also a test of intelligence, especially in a recruitment exam like the SSC CGL 2020. The size of your vocabulary is not just about the number of words you know, but also the depth and range of your word usage and choice. The strength of your vocabulary is developed with time by listening to and practicing speech with other native speakers.

2. Grammar

The grammar component among SSC CGL study materials for English comprehension cover a keen understanding of active-passive, direct and indirect speech. Queries here are framed as fill in the blank, spotting the error and sentence correction options.

A grammar assessment allows a chance to check our command on syntax - whether we can recognise and produce the correct expressions and the level or grade at which we can do this.

3. Comprehension

Comprehension segments for exam cover your keen understanding of the depths of any given passage. Also known as reading comprehension or passage comprehension, this segment checks your abilities to read, process, understand and recall from a given set of statements.

In this article, we cover how you can accomplish complete command over the SSC CGL 2020 course section in 5 easy steps:

i) Hone your craft with vocabulary building exercises

ii) Practice business idioms and phrases in conversations 

iii) Go through grammar practice exercises daily

iv) Listen to complex sentence structures

v) Triple reading technique for comprehension skills

i) Vocabulary building skills:

Your English comprehension skills require a constant inflow of robust building blocks to craft a road to success in any competitive exam,

ii) Practice business idioms and phrases in conversations 

While word usage enables you with basic blocks, phrases and idioms are the right conversation pieces which would steer you ahead to native speech. They add a local flair, fluency and creativity to your normal speaking, reading and writing abilities.

iii) Go through grammar practice exercises daily

Practice till perfect is a reality. Live it as you add daily exercises on your set of chores before the Tier I SSC CGL 2020 paper this summer. Here are a few kinds of practice techniques you can squeeze in till your big day.

iv) Listen to complex sentence structures on audiobooks, podcasts and more

You retain a language by the use of all of your senses, and this includes hearing. Active listening skills help you identify traits better and build on your grammar, vocabulary and sentence structures for the SSC CGL 2020 general awareness and analytical segments.

Work on your listening skills by adding linguistic components to your day. Listen to better English through audiobooks, podcasts, news commentary and intonation exercises. With all of these tools, you can excel in your pronunciation, understanding and retention of key grammatical concepts.

v) Triple reading technique for comprehension skills

Moving on from gaming and sensory approaches, the triple reading technique is a natural, practicable approach to build your English comprehension strength for examinations like the SSC CGL 2020.

This method involves working with different practical exercises on analysing content and making the most from it, in terms of answering questions on your MCQ paper.

We hope that these five techniques allow you to conquer your English language comprehension for the recruitment paper completely. Practice daily, and you can devote the rest of your time towards core subject papers or general awareness entirely. Best of luck for the SSC CGL 2020 exam!

All The Best To All The SSC CGL 2020 Aspirants !

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