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Go Through The Optional Subjects OF MPPSC 2020

Updated on 13 March 2020
UPSC & State PSC
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Updated on 13 March 2020

When we are preparing for MPPSC 2020, there are many sub-topics available that one has to learn. We have given all the essential sub-topics and the notes that could help you in last-minute revision. But, what about the optional subjects that are equally essential while preparing for the exams. Even though optional questions don't carry much marks weight-age, but it is necessary to make them get a hike in the scores. They help any student to work appropriately. So, here is the list of optional subjects and the sub-topics that one has to cover for MPPSC 2020.

List of optional subjects:

  1. Physics: When it comes to preparing for MPPSC 2020, the topics related to general physics carries a lot of importance. The importance of reflection and refraction and the use of diffraction has to be learned properly. The movement of a wheel and the circular and centrifugal motion along with electromagnetic effect, are to be included while studying. Apart from this, one has to go through the magnetic force and electric effect of current. The direction of an object and how it moves all are covered under it. Hence, physics has a lot of exciting topics that one could cover for the exams.
  2. Chemistry: Now, chemistry is all about our environment and the surrounding.There are a lot of matters present in our surroundings. All are somehow related to each other and benefit the people living. The chemical reactions and the need to learn them is another concept. Chemistry is based on compounds and ionic substances. Even the solid, liquid, and gas are related to each other and have complicated thoughts. Hence, chemistry helps an individual to learn how environmental activities and people are related to each other.
  3. Statistics & Mathematics: These two topics are closely related to each other and affect the equations, and the formula's a lot. Now, to clear the MPPSC 2020 apart from English, mathematics is the one subject that one has to prepare thoroughly. The formula's and equations along with the situation based questions all are essential. The age, gender-related relation based questions to find the final items all are its part.


In the end, we could say that the entire subjects are essential, but the additional questions are also necessary to be covered. One has to prepare them thoroughly in detail to prepare well. Even one can take the help of online coaching centers to get all essential notes. The online websites are providing the records in detail and help the students to prepare properly. Even the students are taking the utmost advantage of all the notes to prepare for the exam. We always ask our students to prepare everything and never leave any topic as everything is essential.

Similarly, additional subjects are also crucial to the same extent. One has to prepare them to get good marks. You ca clear MPPSC 2020 becomes every easy if the preparation of the student is excellent. All the best for MPPSC 2020 exams.

All The Best To All The MPPSC 2020 Aspirants !

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