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Daily News Analysis / Current Affairs - 27 Feb 2020 for UPSC 2020

Published on 27 February 2020
UPSC & State PSC 2021
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Published on 27 February 2020

Important Headlines and Their context of News of 27th feb 2020 are as below,-

1. Cabinet approves Bill to regulate surrogacy.

The Union cabinet has approved the surrogacy regulation bill,2020.

The bill allows a woman to be a surrogate mother and is likely to benefit widows,divorcee and infertile couples.

Context :

The cabinet has added some recommendations from a Rajya Sabha committee that this bill had been referred to. Alongside suggestions from the 23-member special committee, the bill underwent 15 major changes, before it was passed.

The biggest change is deleting the definition of ‘infertility’ as the inability of a couple to conceive a child after 5 years of unprotected intercourse. This had been challenged and the 5-year-period was claimed as too long a time for the couple to wait for a child.

The main aim of the bill was to ban commercial surrogacy and allowing the selfless one for the well being of other needy people.One more point added to the bill was that only Indian couples can opt for surrogacy in the country.Moreover,the insurance cover for a mother has now been increased to 36 months from 16 months earlier.

The Bill proposes to regulate the surrogacy by making a state,national and Union territory surrogacy board.

2. Death toll rises to 28 in Delhi violence.

The death toll reached to 28 after two days of communal clashes in the northeast region of Delhi. These clashes have left more than 200 people injured as well.More than 106 people have been arrested in this connection so far and 18 FIRs have been lodged.

Context :

The capital city is reeling after two days of communal violence rocked and shocked the the capital.The agitation against the controversial CAA took ugly turn and turned out to be a communal riot between the communities after the pro and anti CAA supporters clashed in the northeast region of the capital.

Though some calm has been restored in the areas but still some incidents of violence were reported. Some more shops were set ablaze and the body of an IB staffer was found in a drain.

A flag march was done by the police and security personnel spread out across the northeastern region to quell the violence that started on Sunday. The violence in the city has been compared in intensity to the anti-Sikh 1984 riots, which occurred in the two days after PM Indira Gandhi was assassinated.

The Delhi high court has directed the police to register FIR against the individuals for inflammatory speeches.Most of the people involved in the clashes were the outsiders who came,attacked homes and people and vandalised and set the properties on fire.

Looking at the tense situation in the region,the CBSE has cancelled the exams of 26th and 27th feb in about 48 centres of the north east Delhi.

A head constable of Delhi police was among those who lost their life in the communal violence while the DCP and ACP also got injured while handling the situation.

3. Census, with NPR updation, after April 1

The stage is being set for commencement of Census-2021 any time after April 1 with the office of the Director of Census Operations completing training for master trainers and gearing up for training the district-level staff from March first week.

Context :

The census enumeration this time around will simultaneously encompass updating the National Population Register (NPR) data in two separate formats, online and physical forms, for Census-2021 and NPR being readied by the officials concerned.

There is no need for submission of any document for the NPR, according to senior officials.

4. IAF aircraft lands in Wuhan with medical supplies

India has followed up on its promise to help China in its hour of need, by transporting medical supplies to COVID-19 hit Wuhan in China. The Indian Air Force’s C-17 Globemaster III, a heavy-duty military transport aircraft, carried 15 tonnes of medical supplies. It will, in turn, bring back 120 citizens and five infants.

Context :

Prime Minister Modi had offered medical and humanitarian aid to China, which is currently in the throes of a massive COVID-19 epidemic.

This transport is an extension of the same offer.

The airplane will also ferry nationals from neighbouring countries.

The Indian embassy in Beijing, according to an Indian source in Wuhan who spoke to The Hindu, has asked citizens to be prepared for evacuation.

India had reached out to China on Feb 13 to seek permission to send the aircraft with medical supplies. It later said that the country had delayed the efforts, which led to some friction between the two.

This is the third such aircraft which India has sent for evacuation of citizens from the COVID-19-hit region.

India has also issued an additional travel advisory stating that Indians should refrain from non-essential travel to Republic of Korea (South Korea), Iran and Italy.

“People coming from Republic of Korea, Iran and Italy or having such travel history since 10th February 2020 may be quarantined for 14 days on arrival to India,”noted the release from the union health ministry.

5. J & K is an integral part ,India tells the human rights commission.

At the UN human Rights council meeting in Geneva,India said that Jammu and Kashmir was,is and will remain an integral part of the country.Pakistan also claims a part of its territory though.


In the 43rd session of the UN Human Rights commission started in Switzerland on 24th feb,Vikas Swarup, secretary (West) in India's foreign ministry slammed Pakistan as the epicentre of terrorism and repeated India's statement of J&K being an integral part of the country always and forever.

Pakistan has sought the international communities intervention on the Kashmir issue again at UNHRC stating that India is continuously violating the human rights of Kashmiri people.

Pakistan is also demanding the reinstatement of Article 370 which gave special status to the state and has been abrogated by the Union government on Aug 5.

The state has been bifurcated into two union territories Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh which are administered directly by the Central government.

Pakistan has repeatedly been trying to draw the attention of the International community towards the Kashmir issue especially after India revoked Article 370.

But India claims it to be its internal matter and has urged Pakistan to accept the reality and stop the anti India campaign.

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