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What is 2 plus 1000?

Curious Mind Published on 17 March 2020

In the conversational sense "two plus one thousand" would be 2+1000=1002. That answer, though correct but is an assumption of what the questioner wants answered.


What if the questioner meant what's "two plus one thousand" while the questioner is looking at 1000 somethings and they see 2000 more? The answer becomes 1000+2000=3000…


What if the question means that they see 1000 and 1000 more? Answer becomes 2000.


What if the question is what's 2 plus 1000 and it's asked by the top 2%? The answer is 0 (zero) because whatever they saw, whatever the answer, they're going to take it anyway and leave you with nothing or, if they believe in "trickle down", 2 because the 2 is what they consider to be your fair earnings when they get the thousand(s).

So the ultimate answer is the questioner needs to specify what the numbers represent or they need to speak (write) in mathematical terms so the answer can be established with accuracy.

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