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Corona worries? Keep learning with Study24x7 in testing times

Updated on 25 March 2020
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Updated on 25 March 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic is a terrifying time indeed, disrupting our day to day lives and confining us indoors.

Fearing the dreaded disease, we no longer go to schools, colleges, study centres and tuition classes. And this has left learners and teachers in a fix.

It's already the middle of March, and after end-of-year examinations, we are stuck with preparing for the new session.

If you're studying in Classes VIII-XII, you need to pick up the pace right now. And if you're gearing up for entrance exams to college courses, professional courses or government jobs, you can't afford to wait it out till you get to class.

So, what should you do? 

Take the Digital India advantage and opt for virtual learning centres, online courses and classes.

We at Study24x7 know what you're going through and have options that can help you learn even during the current time of self-isolation and social distancing.

The Study24x7 advantage :

Study24x7, an educational social platform for learners and mentors alike, 

powers the drive to learn, practice and understand with virtual, e-learning tools like courses, unlimited questions, practice quizzes, study materials and more.

The ideal social network to share study materials, it connects students with mentors who can clear their doubts and motivate them with their expertise.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, as we find ourselves restricted from schools, colleges and learning centres, such a platform is specifically geared to address your educational needs.

Gain as a learner:

As a learner, the Study24x7 platform equips you to keep up with the steady pace of preparation, even as you wait for the all-clear, when you can finally attend schools and other educational centres.

How? It does so in the following ways -

i) Virtual mentoring for all learners:

You can ask and resolve doubts around complex concepts in all subjects with online mentors.

The Study24x7 mentors can connect with you through messages, posts and live-streamed content.

You can also enroll in a course they've put on the platform or leave comments on existing threads related to the concepts of your choice.

ii) Follow discussion threads

Specific queries often evoke a different set of talking points.

Use your questions to form discussion threads on various topics. These will allow you to pick up particular insights too.

Who knows, you may find a totally different way of looking at a specific subject.

iii) Get self-paced learning support 

With online courses, you can pick, choose or follow a course at your own speed, and learn at your own pace. This setting allows a mentor to share all content in one go, while students can take it up in small, bite sizes.

iv) Connect with other learners

The best reason for schooling is the sheer amount of interaction that you get from other learners and your mentors. This peer interaction is a unique benefit which has carried over to the Study24x7 community. It allows you to connect (like on Facebook or LinkedIn), with others who are interested in the same subject, exam or are preparing for the same competitive exams. Discuss, share and debate over common points with them and broaden your thinking.

Gains for Teachers at Study24x7:

If you're a teacher and feel restricted from helping out your students, don't worry. Switch to virtual classes and online learning. During the COVID-19 outbreak, join an online education platform like Study24x7 to ensure you can still connect with your students.

As a teacher here (or mentor) you can do the following:

i) Create courses for your students

From full-fledged subject materials to specific, conceptual lessons, Study24x7 allows you to create multiple courses or virtual classes here. You can then deliver these to all learners on the platform.

ii) Tutor students in need 

As a teacher who joins the Study24x7 platform, you can reach out to all learners individually, through posts, discussion boards or your pages. These features allow you to be on top of situations and be available, in case there's a student in need.

iii) Take up virtual coaching :

Apart from creating a specific course, you can also set up video-based classes on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. This creation channel will allow students to attend your virtual coaching regularly and gain from your knowledge and expertise.

You may also choose to your content, in case you find enough demand for it!

iv) Gain real-time insights and hone your approach :

The best way for a teacher to progress is by learning through the insights they draw from their students.

As they bring their doubts to you or share other learning approaches they've seen, you can also hone yours accordingly.

This approach will also allow you to upgrade your knowledge base. You can also check how effective your way of teaching is, by trying it on a virtual group of students.

We recommend that you go through our piece on how you can be a Study24x7 mentor for more information.

And it's free!

The Study24x7 platform is free for both students and teachers. In sharp contrast from other education platforms (both Indian and International), the platform does not ask for a subscription or fee to join or access groups, posts, pages or content.

We believe that all learners can be mentors and vice versa with our platform. The two can then learn from each other and can fluidly change sides on our platform. 

We understand that the current time is a difficult one, and indeed, challenges the very way in which we've been living and interacting with each other.

Use this time to work on your strengths and prepare for the times ahead.

So what, if you can't benefit from attending regular schools, or colleges? You can still do this online - the Study24x7 platform will surely support you in every possible way in which we can. 

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