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Last-minute preparation for the English Language (SSC-CGL2020)

Updated on 15 February 2020
Harshit Verma
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Updated on 15 February 2020

SSC CGL Posts: English Language & Comprehension

English grammar for competitive exams like SSC CGL is very important. To score well in the examination for CGL posts, one must work hard on English grammar as well as general awareness.

SSC CGL English Grammar: Spotting the Error

Spotting the error in a sentence or paragraph can have mistakes in spellings, subject-verb agreement problems, article missing problems, mismatched adverbs, wrong use of adjectives and pronoun use problems, etc.

Tips for error spotting in subject-verb agreement are as follows:

1.  Check for the nouns which are singular but represent plural. In these cases use a plural verb in sentences.

For example:

2.  Incorrect Sentence: The people is watching.

Correct Sentence: The people are watching.

3.  Two singular nouns joining by ‘and’ must use the plural form of the verb.

For example:

Incorrect Sentence: Ram and Sita is dancing.

Correct Sentence: Ram and Sita are dancing.

4. When two Singular nouns are used for the same person, then the verb must be used in the singular form.

For example:

Incorrect Sentence: The Father and Principle are coming.

Correct Sentence: The Father and Principle is coming.

  1. Singular form of verb is used with ‘every’.

Incorrect Sentence: Everyone are praying.

Correct Sentence: Everyone is praying.

Tips to follow:

· Read the question carefully.

· Understand all options first.

· Improve your grammar.

· Keep attention to spelling mistakes.

· Keep your calm.

· Time management is the key.

· Enrich your vocabulary.

· Do practice on a regular basis.


SSC CGL English Grammar: Fill in the Blanks

Steps to fill the blanks are as follows:

1. Read the question clearly and carefully.

2. Try to answer without the help of options.

3. Re-read the sentence with filling options.

4. Try to infer the complete meaning of the given question with filled options.

5. Read again to find out the correct flow and structure.

6. Choose the best option available according to grammar and word choices.

Tips to follow:

· Grammar rules must be clear.

· The Elimination method should be practiced well.

· Keep revising vocabulary

· Keep practicing from mocks and test series.

SSC CGL English Grammar: Synonyms

Synonyms are the word that has a similar meaning or can be used in the same context.

Tips to learn and solve questions on Synonyms in examination are as follows:

· Learn the synonyms on a daily basis.

· Always use a dictionary when learning synonyms to understand the use of the word

and its meaning.

· Use those words in day to day communication.

· Learn them by category.

· Keep revising them on a regular basis.

· Learn on the basis of context or relate them with your personal vocabulary.

· When an unknown word is asked for a synonym in the exam then split the word into

suffix and prefix.

· Try to analyze the keyword from the question.

· Apply the elimination method on options given.

· On the basis of keyword select answer from the given options.

· Do not waste too much time on one question.

All the best for SSC-CGL 2020 !

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