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Mother's Day!

Updated on 09 May 2020
Prajakta Padalwar
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Updated on 09 May 2020

Learning, it’s a beautiful process, right? Every day we learn something or the other. In schools and colleges teachers impart lessons, they teach us soft skills and also groom us. We have met so many teachers in our life, but have we ever thought who was our first teacher?

‘Character makes a man’—we often hear this. Most of us will completely agree with the saying. But have you ever thought what is a ‘good’ character. They might have been someone who encouraged us to be good people. Somebody who must have, for the first time, told us to have a ‘good character’. Can you remember who was that person?

Children are like clay in the potter’s hands!—Yes indeed, they are! You can mould them the way you want. Today, if we are doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers that is because we were ‘moulded’ that way. Can you guess who took our ‘moulding’ process seriously? Who was the one who told us that we are wrong, and gave a punishment if needed, so that we don’t repeat the mistake?

The answer to all the above questions? First teacher, the nurturer, the strict person—A mother.

A mother is your first teacher. Your source of inspiration. Someone who advises you to work harder when things to wrong. Someone who prays for your well being. Someone who makes you strong and who herself is an epitome of strength. Brave and courageous but at the same time, caring and loving!

One thing to remember: ‘The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world!’. Mothers are indeed the true leaders!

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