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UPSC, MPSC, Govt. Exams: 8 tips to study in lockdown

Updated on 18 May 2020
Prajakta Padalwar
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Updated on 18 May 2020

In the current situation, many exams have either been postponed or no one knows when they will be conducted. In this pandemic, under these circumstances, it is important that aspirants keep calm and concentrate on their studies. It's easier said than done, but an honest effort won't do any harm! Given below are 7 tips that will help you:

  1. Study Space: As the libraries are closed, make your room/ a corner of any room, your study space. Create a conducive environment for studying (Books, table, chair, watch).
  2. Books: Hard copy to e-copy: As many of you have left your place/city of study and moved to your home towns, you do not have your books/notes with you. Don't crib. Don't worry. There are online sources which are available, use them. Download soft copies, listen to videos, read online. Try to recollect and make your notes again. See, you are good to go!
  3. Strategy: Many aspirants are in confused whether they should change their strategy (as Preliminary exams are postponed) and start preparing for Mains. For UPSC aspirants, you will get clarification on the situation on 20th May, 2020, according to the official site. For the others, assess the situation and then decide. If the situation comes under control and exams are declared, you should be ready. In short, be flexible.
  4. Time table/ Schedule: Please have a time table, maintain a schedule. You already had one. Try to continue that at home as well! Start your day with exercise, as you cannot go out, stretch at home, eat and study.
  5. Health: No matter how stressed you are, take care of your health! Eat well, sleep well and stay hydrated (during summers especially)
  6. Distractions: There will be distractions around you. As far as possible, try not to get affected, as it can impact your preparation.
  7. Family time: As everyone is at home, try to spend time with your family as well. If you feel stressed, talk to your family, that's the best support system you have! Have time for this in your time table
  8. Relax: Take a break when you do not feel like studying. Watch a movie, talk to a friend or whatever you want.

Finally, stay calm. Be positive. Many aspirants are in the same situation as you are. The situation will improve with time, be patient. Study hard!

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