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SSC CGL most commonly asked Questions in Interview and their Answers!

Updated on 19 May 2020
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Updated on 19 May 2020

When preparing for SSC CGL interviews, the first step of achieving your goal is to be familiar with the types of questions that will be asked in the interview and their possible answers.

In this article, you can find the basic overview of the questions from different categories of SSC CGL based on their prevalence. Also, you can find their appropriate answers that will help you succeed in the SSC CGL interview process.

Before starting the interview preparation it is important to note the flow to these questions. Interviewers mostly follow a routine flow when it comes to asking the questions.

The panel of judges aim at testing your confidence level and you should avoid being overconfident as it is considered in a negative manner. Start by confidently greeting the panel and sit only when they ask you to.

Below mentioned is the classification of questions starting from the beginning till the end of the interview process-

  1. Family Background
  2. National Policies/ Economic Issues/ Issues of the Nation, etc
  3. Subjects that interest you
  4. General Awareness
  5. Issues related to native state/work town/ hometown
  6. Arbitrary topics that are relevant to your candidature

Now we will discuss every category in detail-

1. Family Background

These are some of the main questions that are generally asked by the panel of judges. The panel will start asking you questions about your father/mother/family, etc. Questions such as where does your father work? Is anyone in your family a working member of the Government institution? Has anyone in your family ever worked under Staff Selection Commission?

Also they ask about your and the rest of the members of your family’s qualification. So these are some of the question that you can expect in the beginning of the interview. From here they will move on the next set of questions based on your answers.

Tips answer to these questions- You must provide answer to these questions in maximum 2 or 3 sentences. You should not stretch the answers for these questions as they are only asked to know you better, they are not the main topic of the interview.

2. National policies/Economic Issues/Issues of the Nation, etc

Such questions are mostly depended on the current scenario of the situations. They can start with questions like Can you mention any news which you found in the newspapers significant recently? Such questions are asked to test your knowledge on current economic and political situations.

Tips to answer such questions- Keep a note on every recent happenings in the world such as elections, political issues, economy related issues and any new financial inclusion schemes. Prepare on 2 - 3 topics by heart and get ready with a format in your mind to frame the answer properly.

3. Subjects that interest you

Irrespective of whatever answer you give for this question get ready to be further questioned on the answer!

If you mention chemistry or biotechnology then they may further ask you about topics like nuclear proliferation, etc. Likewise, if you mention Economics or Political Science then the next question will come from one of these subjects.

Tips to answer such questions- For this section also you need to prepare on 4- 5 topics. Decide the answer to this question beforehand and make sure to be well-versed on it. Also, you should be ready to give your own take on the further questions that will be asked as the judges are more interested in knowing your direction and thinking ability.

4. General Awareness

This is a broad category where any type of question related to General Affairs can be asked. Topics such as recent turmoil in the country, policy issues, education and sports or related issues, etc are the center of this category.

5. Issues related to Native State/ work town/hometown

These questions are very common in every SSC CGL interviews. The judges can bring up questions and discussions such as policies related to your native state or your hometown.

Questions can be asked like who is the winner of the by-polls in your state? Which party won and by how many seats?

6. Arbitrary topics that are relevant to your candidature

These questions cannot be predicted that easily as they range from wide possibilities. Questions right from defence ministry to Italian armaments firms and anything else that has been in the news can be asked in this category.

Tips to answer such questions- These questions are the fillers of the interview process. In whatever time is left, the panel would want to know your knowledge and contemplation skills on certain other topics. These questions can be related to some general affairs, recent news or can be very general such as related to your school or hobbies.

While the above mentioned questions have got practical answers to them, the questions related to you and your family background can be challenging to answer.

Here we have mentioned some commonly asked questions related to you and how you should answer them-

  1. Tell us something about yourself.

When giving the answer to this question, you should include the points from the list given below-

- Personal Information

- Qualification

- Work Experience (if any)

- Additional qualification or achievements (if any)

  1. Tell us, what subjects did you pursue in your graduation?

Applicants can answer this question in a way like why did you select the particular subjects and provide complete details in a brief way.

  1. What are your Favorite Sports?

Before going to give answer to this question, you must ensure about your answers and should have the complete knowledge about your favorite sports.

  1. What are the headlines of today’s newspaper?

This question is very tricky to handle and you should be well-prepared otherwise you can lose some marks here. So try to read daily newspaper and keep updated with latest news.

  1. Why should we hire you?

When you are going to give answer to this question, try to be aware about your skills and also assure that you will work in a team & achieve set goals within specified time.

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Best of Luck to all SSC CGL Aspirants!

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