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5 ways to validate your online course idea!

Updated on 25 May 2020
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Updated on 25 May 2020

So you have decided to create an online course and you are all set with a wonderful idea. But do you feel stuck with the thought, if your idea will be accepted in the market or not? 

Every course creator goes through this dilemma and uncertainty when it comes to deciding an idea for the online course. However, there are ways to eliminate your state of confusion and here we will enlighten you with 5 ways to validate your online course idea. 

Validating your course idea gives you the confidence to proceed with it. You get a tentative blueprint of your course as well as become sure that there is an audience out there to accept your created course. 

Now let’s take a look at 5 ways to validate your online course now!

1. Google

Search engine giant Google, is one of the best places to start with your course validation process. Here you can know what people are searching for and then have clarity on what is the value of the course in the market. The next step is to start putting your course keywords in the search bar and make sure as to what your target audience is exactly typing to search for a course similar as yours. 

You can make an assorted list of top 5 to 7 keywords related to your course and begin your research based on that. Also, keep in mind to put keywords without the word “course” as people can make a loose search about a problem to which they are finding a solution without being specific that they are looking for a course

2. YouTube

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine that is reliable and accessed by many. If you are willing to create and sell your courses on variety of topics then YouTube is a trusted source from where you can analyze what people are exactly looking for. By searching your keywords on this platform you have two benefits-

  1. You will get an idea of how relevant your course is with top 20-30 search results. The videos that show up on the right side of the page are the ones that are ranking on the particular keyword so pay attention to them. You can get better idea on the topic that you have selected for the course and also find relevant content from other similar videos. 
  2. You will know if there are courses on the same topic By adding the word “course” to the keywords you can further ensure if there are same courses on your chosen topic. 

3. Quora

Quora has emerged as one of the most popular question and answer site. It has questions and there solution related to any and every topic under the sun. When it comes to selecting a topic for your course you can go to Quora and start typing your keywords in the search section. 

It is likely that you will find variety of questions in which people would be discussing on that topic. You can also find blog links, or links to the courses that have already been created on the same idea.

4. Study24x7

Study24x7 is a platform where you can find plethora of courses on variety of topics. Thousands of mentors and people interested in sharing their knowledge create course on this platform and put it for selling or free purchase. 

By searching your relevant keywords on this platform you can analyze that how many courses are already available on your keywords and what are their ratings. Also, you can see the course price and how many learners have opted to purchase it.


5. Online Blogs

Blogging opens a whole new world to take your words out there amongst the audience. Many course creators prefer to have their own blog page where they put their ideas and analyze its acceptance through the engagement they get on the blog. If you haven’t set your foot in the world of blogging then there is nothing to worry about. You can get ideas from the blogs of other online course entrepreneurs and use it to create a course. 

The ways to identify most successful blogs are-

  1. Number of visitors
  2. Sharing of that post
  3. Outstanding response and comments 
  4. Readers reviews about the blog

To be precise, if a topic has got fame in the blog section then it would definitely succeed as a course topic too. 

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