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Why Instagram Influencers Should Create an Online Course?

Updated on 26 May 2020
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Updated on 26 May 2020

Who are influencers?

This is a very common term of this era and is used for online media celebrities. These people hold significant place in influencing the buying decisions of majority consumers. 

There are different categories of influencers but here we will discuss about the Instagram influencers. These influencers hold expertise in specific domains, for instance one can be expert in hair care products whereas other person can hold knowledge in dressing style and fashion.

People look up to them for making their decisions and this is what sums up the title- why Instagram influencers should create an online course.

These influencers have got an eminent social media presence but it doesn’t mean they are getting highly paid for it or earning good. The fact cannot be ignored that this field has got a high competition and every second person aspires to become an Instagram influencer. However, brands are always looking for such influencers to showcase their products with added gimmicks and are in return paid with free product samples. 

Getting free products out of this profession is cool but what can be better than to use your recognition for building a source of full time income!

Instagram influencers are mostly into fashion, travelling, beauty products and motivational/inspirational domain. With the skills acquired in their specific domains they can reach out to people not just through Instagram but through online courses as well. 

So let’s discuss why Instagram influencers should create an online course?

Instagram influencers are the most ideal people to be creating and publishing online courses, in a sense that they are meant for it, and these are the reasons- 

  1. They already have the attention of large audience who trusts them and they have a ready authority in their respective domains.

  1. They are already experts at creating an engaging content that can derive the attention of large audience. 

  1. Instagram in itself is one of the most prominent marketing tools.

What type of online courses can Instagram influencers create? 

Intagrammers can hold some doubt on exactly what type of course should they create. With all the benefits that they have for creating and publishing a course, we mustn’t forget that they are habitual of creating their content popular on a fixed platform and might get confused regarding their approach for courses.

So here we have mentioned several options for creating a course which might be helpful for an Instagrammer-

Take the basic route 

You are already perfect at being an Instagram influencer so why not share your secret mantra with other budding influencers too! Or you can also pick from one of these ideas-

  1. How to increase your followers
  2. How to amplify your instagram presence
  3. USP’s of Instagram marketing

Create a course based on your niche.

If you are a fashion influencer then let your audiences know how they can practice certain type of fashion and how they can revamp their wardrobe or build an online fashion store. All you need to do is to realize what you are good at and how you can build a course around your skills. 

Why your followers will purchase your course?

As an influencer you have to face the struggle of extreme competition which might deceive you in believing that you haven’t gained much of confidence from your followers. But you shouldn’t forget that you have created a virtual relationship with your followers who look up to you and praise your regular posts and content which helps them with their related decisions. 

They will definitely buy your course because that is the best and most descriptive insight to your skills that your audiences adore. Whether your audience wants to become an influencer just like you or want to simply learn the skills to invest in their own passion, they would surely trust you and your brand to guide them in the best of manner. 

"So take this opportunity and make the best use of it not just to become a more popular Instagram influencer but to also open a source of full-time income". 

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