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How to launch a live class on Study24x7?

Updated on 27 May 2020
Vikas Sharma
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Updated on 27 May 2020

Hello Guys ,

After scheduling a live class we have to follow these basic steps for starting a class.

*How to create and schedule a live class*, i have already discussed in my previous article. In this blog we will cover launching the process of live class.

The process of launching the live class is

1) Create a course

2) Choose your Course type [Self paced (uploaded video) / Instructional / Blended course]

3) Schedule a class

Once the course is published, Few simple steps to start the live class.

Step 1 :

To test a live streaming need to click on " Test Stream " as available in image

Step 2 :

Then we have to allow permission for accessing Camera and Microphone as below -

Step 3 :

After permission access need to click on "Webcam and Screen Share" for live class -

Step 4:

Then we have a set of instructions for next step and details of live class -

Details -

Instructions -

Online users display -

Step 4 :

On live class window we have -

On can divide live class window in three parts -

Part 1 (Canvas) - We can use it as a white board for live class .

Few important tools are available there on Canvas .