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Improve verbal ability for CAT

Updated on 06 November 2020
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Updated on 06 November 2020

Verbal Ability is an important part of CAT preparation. Though the verbal ability section is one of the most scoring section but a lot of candidates still struggle to score it reason being less familiarity with the language. Here we will discuss about how to improve verbal ability.

Verbal ability questions constitute around 34% of the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section in CAT. But before we deep dive into how to improve verbal Ability, the first thing we need to know is the composition structure of VARC in CAT exam pattern.

So now that we are all well versed with the composition of the Verbal Ability section, now let’s look at the pro-tips to improve Verbal Ability .

1. Read, Read, Read and Read

Read one article daily from any of the topics history, politics, management etc. Analyse the topic after reading, then write down the summary of the article. Spend at least one hour everyday reading an article. Initially with lots of practice you will gradually develop a quick reading habit .

 2. Improve vocabulary

Write and learn 10 words per day and make sentences from them. This approach will help you build your strong vocabulary and framing sentences. Solve vocabulary based puzzles and fill in the blanks etc. Many candidates are confused for how to improve communication skill, but working on the vocabulary will help you with the same.

3. Strategize learning

Strategic studying can save you a lot. Dedicate two days for each segment: Reading Comprehension, incomplete sentences and critical reasoning, jumbled paragraphs, picking odd sentences out ,fill in the blanks with correct vocabulary words etc, which will give you a stronghold on the topic.

4. Be creative, question more

Be creative, one such idea is to play a scrabble game and think creatively of all the plausible way how to answer the question as it will help you to answer questions relating to tone/ attitude of the author type of question and will aid you understand the author's point of view as depicted in the passage. 

5. Mock tests, mock tests and some more mock tests

Practice as many mock tests as you can. Prioritize which section you can do easily and which require more time. Most important thing to remember is to skip to the next question if you can't solve it but don't waste time on it. Regular practice for verbal ability will help you analyze yourself frequently. 

We hope this article has helped you to understand how to improve verbal ability. It is important that you follow all these tips in your day-to-day life to make your preparation better. Also, when the exam is near, gear up with your preparation time effectively.

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