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Benefits of Learning DATABASE MANAGEMENT

Updated on 17 June 2022
All About Databases
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Updated on 17 June 2022

What is Database?

A database may be a collection of data that's organized in order that it are often easily accessed, managed and updated. A database is generally stored and accessed from a computer system. Computer databases typically contain a collection of files, containing information about sales, transactions or interactions with particular customers. An online database may be a database accessible from an area network or the web .

Higher scalability

A distributed computing system

Lower costs

A flexible schema

Can process unstructured and semi-structured data

Has no complex relationship

Database management software is a very widely used software in different industries like Banking, Railways, Airlines, Universities and a lot of other industries. The Database System is designed to handle a very large amount of data and may extend up to several Terabytes of size. It must even have an inbuilt mechanism to recover the info just in case of system crashes and protect the info for any unauthorized access and manipulation.

Types of Database

There are mainly four type of database as follows 

  1. text databases
  2. desktop database
  3.  relational database management systems (RDMS) 
  4. NoSQL and object-oriented databases

Why is Database important?

A database is a smaller amount expensive and comes with tons of advantages , it helps to create a far better relationship with the prevailing customers and look for new ones. Here is a list of advantages:

Building better customer relationship

Sell complementary products

To make customers aware of special offers

To tell them about new services and products

To send offers to specific groups

Results are evident because you can consider the returns

It’s very useful in direct marketing·

This would not be possible using the other tool like a spreadsheet as they might simply not work. A database is pretty accurate as it has all sorts of build in constraints, checks etc. This means that the information available in a database is guaranteed to be correct in most cases.In a database, it is easy to update data using various Data Manipulation languages (DML) available. One of these languages is SQL.Databases have various methods to make sure security of knowledge . There are user logins required before accessing a database and various access specifiers. These allow only authorised users to access the database.This is ensured in databases by using various constraints for data. Data integrity in databases makes sure that the data is accurate and consistent in a database.It is very easy to access and research data in a database. This is done using Data Query Languages (DQL) which permit searching of any data within the database and performing computations thereon .

Database management software is a very widely used software in different industries like Banking, Railways, Airlines, Universities and a lot of other industries. The Database System is designed to handle a very large amount of data and may extend up to several Terabytes of size. It must also have an inbuilt mechanism to recover the data in case of system crashes and protect the data for any unauthorized access and manipulation.

How Databases can be useful for business?

Database management is all about tracking and organizing which is an important part for running a business. You can say a database is the heart for a business to grow or develop and to track your clients with whom you are doing business. It becames eaiser for a person to deal with multiple clients at a same time if a person maintains a proper database.

Information is extremely useful in helping a corporation to understand about its present performance, estimating and planning for further operations. Without a correct management, these tasks would are manual, extremely time-consuming. Data can be again structured and categorized to suit the needs of the organization. There is a system where data is entered and there are specific users who can access on a daily basis. Multiple users if given access also can operate the system at an equivalent time.

Few Database software for business:




Oracle Database.

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Amazon Aurora.

IBM Informix.

Database Management During and After Coronavirus

Despite the pandemic business needs to crunch numbers, analyze trends, gain insights, and make decisions. In fact, in the time of uncertainty demand for appropriate data and quality data increases. As many businesses are temporarily down and some are working from home. To bring business back on track or to run business during this pandemic database plays a crucial role. During this contagion, it's of utmost importance for businesses to conduct a correct assessment of their fixed and variable expenses also because the actual revenues. This assessment will give a clear picture of where a company stands financially and help the entrepreneurs in planning ahead, it can be possible for entrepreneurs to get all information regarding finance during this pandemic through databases as database software can be used by anyone having knowledge of its software sitting at home. So again Database plays a crucial role in entrepreneurs' journey in such a situation.

Database Management for Students/Learners during this pandemic

For students and learners willing to upgrade their skills or develop new skills ,it is a perfect time to learn Database Management through online sources . Schools and colleges being temporarily shut down, learning database software is a good idea. As databases play an important role in any sector in any situation. So it is a perfect opportunity for people/learners/students willing to upgrade/learn something new. Learning a database software is not as difficult as learning rocket science. It is an easier task to complete learning of any software regarding databases, once you get used to it . It consumes your time and efforts both.Since early 1950s database system was built it has been developed at regular intervals and with different features which can help you to complete your task easily. So learning a database software is a correct choice for people thinking about it to learn during lockdown period .

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