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Want To Crack Competitive Exam? Avoid These 9 Common Mistakes

Updated on 01 June 2020
Sarkari Naukri
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Updated on 01 June 2020

When you prepare for your exam, you go through huge pressure for preparing the exam. Due to this pressure or lack of knowledge you commit many mistakes which results in failure.

We have prepared list of some commonly committed mistakes which you can avoid to achieve success.

1.Not making the study plan:

Aspirants must make a perfect plan to study. As we already know that nothing goes right without planning. Plan your every step to crack the exam. Unstructured preparation will take you nowhere. Don’t jump directly into the studies. Study the syllabus and exam pattern carefully before moving forward.

2.Comparing yourself with others:

Run your own race and stop comparing yourself to others. This is your battle, you should be incharge of your actions. Pick your own style of learning. Don’t rely on others to help you. Take help only when needed. Plan your study according to your study style. Be confident about yourself and give your 100%.

3.Learning comfortable subjects only:

Some aspirants have interest in particular subjects only. Thus, they end up leaving those which they found difficult. As you know cut offs are prepared subject wise. Each subject has its weightage. Don’t limit your knowledge. Try to grasp each subject not just your favorite subjects.

4.      Using many books and sources:

Some students have the habit of consulting many books for one particular topic or subject. Every source has its own unique language, pattern and methods. This is not a right choice. This will only waste your time. Thus, you should select a good source and follow the same.

5.Not evaluating yourself:

Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

Evaluate your preparation by attempting mock tests or previous year papers. This will give you proper sight of your performance, if you’re going on right track. This step is very important after planning. Evaluate your time for attempting question paper.

6.Not revising:

It is important to make sure that your effort don’t go waste. To ensure this revise your topic regularly. Best way to do this that make revision sheet for yourself.

Note down important formulas, shortcuts, tricks, techniques. It is best to prepare your revision sheet chapter-wise.

7.No consistency :

Your action speaks louder than words. Your all planning will go waste if you are not going to take action. Planning but not executing is the biggest element in your failure. Follow your plan seriously to get success.  

8.Not following healthy life style:

A balanced lifestyle can ensure that aspirants perform their best. Exam pressure loses your ability to perform in your exam. Take good care of your body as well mind. Maintain a healthy diet to fulfil your nutritional needs for your body to perform well. Perform physical activity to improve your memory as exercise increases oxygen flow to the brain.

Maintaining mental health is also important. Get adequate sleep. Give rest to your brain. You can try meditation to calm your brain.

9.Getting easily distracted:

Be strict with yourself when it comes to follow your dreams.

Turn off your internet and keep your phone on the other corner of the room. Learn to say no when people asks you to socialize. Don’t let these distraction stop you from achieving success.   

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