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8 Reasons To Join Defence Forces

Updated on 07 October 2020
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Updated on 07 October 2020

With a lot of options, how will you choose the right career for you? If you’re a person who likes challenges, adventures, you have patriotism then joining defence forces is the right career for you. It is one of the most prestigious and respected careers in the country. Youngsters can fulfil all their professional expectations by choosing a career of challenges, excitement, adventure as an officer in defence.

There are mainly four professional uniformed services in India: 

  1. Indian Army
  2. Indian Air Force
  3. Indian Navy
  4. Indian coast guard

There are various other paramilitary inter-service organizations exist in our country as helping hand to the Indian Armed Forces. Sometimes in the SSB interview, they ask "why do you want to join Indian Army/Navy/Air Force"? So all the candidates who are preparing for SSB interview can take ideas and compose an answer fit to their choice. 

Following are the factors which motivate youngsters to join the defence forces:

1. Serving the motherland

Each person contributes to the growth & development of the country in his or her own way but a soldier serves his country at the cost of his life, guarding the border be it extreme heat or cold. His will to protect his motherland is above everything. Nothing gives more satisfaction and happiness than serving your country. Saving lives and making them better and secure offers great satisfaction.

2. Respect and honour

One of the reasons to join defence forces is the love and respect which you get from fellow citizens. It is one of the most respected and prestigious career in our country

3. Additional opportunities 

The defence forces provide professional advancement. It gives you the opportunity to enhance your personality and skills. If you are good at any sports, defence forces provide you with ample opportunities to develop yourself in that area. If someone wants to go for higher education, defence forces provide you with the leading institutes from which you can pursue your education.

4. Job security

One of the questions that is asked to these individuals are why to join defence forces?

Well, another solid reason is that having a good government job is the best because of the job security. The defence forces provide job ensured along with other facilities. There are no pay cuts in the best of all and only increases throughout our lives. Whether the economy falls or not, no one from a government job will be sent home unemployed.

5. Facilities

Defence forces provide several facilities just not for you but for your family as well. Some of the facilities are below:-

  1. Free accommodation for the family.
  2. Canteen facility.
  3. Education facility for their children with the provision of scholarship for good students.
  4. Medical facility for the dependents.
  5. Free travelling tickets for you and your family anywhere in India once a year.

6. People working in defence forces are liable for Leaves

They give you a total of 60 days of leaves which you can utilize in any way you want. They additionally provide you with a leave travel concession (LTC) which will bear your travelling cost during the leave. Also with defence, you are given an opportunity to see different parts of the country i.e. India as well as Outside India as it is a transferrable job.

7. Post-retirement facilities

Aside from the handsome amount (provident fund and other savings) soldier gets a pension throughout life. The soldiers train you in such a fashion that even after retiring if one wishes to hitch any private job he can easily make a smooth transition. There are many leadership courses within the soldiers which are greatly valued by the private organisation as they're wanting to recruit an individual who knows the way to generate the foremost output out of a limited number of resources.

8. Lifestyle and physical fitness

As you know a healthy mind resides into a healthy body. Daily exercise and proper routine keep a soldier physically fit and active during his working age. In addition to this, each day is exciting and filled with dynamism. In army one may get the chance to ride a tank, while within the Navy, the ocean is your love, while within the Indian Air Force, you get to ride the fastest machine of them all, jets & aircraft.

So, why to join Defence forces? Well, the answer must be clear to you all with the help of this article. The zeal to show love and courage towards our motherland and various benefits will surely make you opt for this career. All the best!

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