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Which is a better Job IBPS PO or SBI PO

Updated on 02 June 2020
Bank Po 24X7
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Updated on 02 June 2020

The majority of candidates have concerns about which of them to select as the career opportunity. We are currently offering you a thorough overview of SBI PO and IBPS PO in terms of test pattern, salary, benefits and drawbacks , etc. In order to ensure their professional career advancement choices. 

The fact that the SBI PO is among the most lucrative of the bank examinations carried out in the country is well known. As we all know, the Vacancies of SBI are less than IBPS, but the number of SBI PO applicants is quite large irrespective of the number of vacancies. The profile of IBPS PO is close to that of an SBI PO and is also sought after in terms of job opportunities, salary and working climate.

Point Of Comparison


  Selection Procedure            Job Profile                Salary 


Work Culture & Environment    Career Growth & Promotion         Conclusion


Selection procedure of SBI PO and IBPS PO are almost same there are slight changes which we will discuss in this section one point you should note on SBI PO do not have sectional cut off where IBPS PO have sectional cut off but it won’t create any major impact in the selection of a candidate. Even overall cutoff in both the exams depends upon the difficulty level of the exam and no of quality candidates appearing on the examination.


Number of Papers
·SBI PO Preliminary Exam
·SBI PO Main Exam
·Letter Writing\Essay 
·IBPS PO Preliminary Exam
·IBPS PO Main Exam
·Letter Writing/ Essay

         Exam Duration
·Preliminary Exam – 60 Minutes
·Main Exam – 3 hours 
·Letter Writing/Essay-30 minutes
·Prelim - 60 Minutes
·Mains - 3 hours 30 minutes
·Letter Writing/Essay-30 minutes
Mode of Exam
Total Marks
·SBI PO Preliminary Exam – 100
·SBI PO Main Exam – 250
·IBPS PO Preliminary Exam – 100
·IBPS PO Main Exam – 225
Selection Process/ Steps Involved
Preliminary Exam (Qualifying Exam)
    Main Exam
   Interview and Group Discussion
Preliminary Exam (Qualifying Exam)
       Main Exam
·For SBI PO, there is no sectional cut-off for Pre and Main exam.
·The final result is concluded in accordance with the overall cut-off only.
·For IBPS PO exam, there is both sectional as well as overall cut-off at Pre and Main level.


Both IBPs and SBI PO are similar in terms of employment profile. In addition to administrative tasks, the probation officer in a bank must perform the following tasks:

Customer care is the most important role of a probation officer. This is a very comprehensive concept, including solving customer requirements for a bank for different services, such as loan service, creation of new accounts, cheque book, deposits, credit cards, atm services and online banking and so on.

Since customer management is carried out directly by PO, they are also entrusted with the duty of the company to introduce new business by providing various products and services to new and existing customers such as fixed deposit, recurring deposit, insurance plans, Demat accounts, etc.

In addition, a PO also handles customers' accounts. Activities in cash management, such as cash disbursement, cash collection and payment clearance.



SBI PO provides probation officers with the highest amounts of financial support. According to SBI, the average annual pay per annum will be at least 7.55 lakhs and a max. 12.93 lakhs, depending on the location and other factors. The basic salary of SBI PO shall be 27620/, SBI Po shall be paid four additional increases on entry. It makes the salary of an SBI PO 6000 higher than a po in another bank.

IBPS PO receives 23700/- as a basic salary. Even they do have the right to several other benefits, such as HRA, DA, special benefit and urban compensation, apart from the basic salary. Therefore, IBPS PO's gross salary is Rs. (e.g. HRA), 38703/-


Most of the park that SBI and other banks offer is similar. The difference is however the amount of these benefits. 

·An SBI PO has the right to draw from Rs.8000/- in the cities of C to Rs.
29500 /- in Mumbai a rented accommodation for which he is entitled.
·In the case of IBPS PO, HRA varies by 9%, 8% and 7% depending on where the posting took place. Official bank accommodation can be given in some locations.
·SBI Medical assistance by way of CGHS allows a 100% individual compensation and a 75% compensation for his family.
·In most of the banks of IBPS medical aid is given as a fixed sum which currently stands at Rs.8000/-p.a.


SBI is one of India's oldest and largest banks with 2400 branches and the largest network of businesses across India. The bank penetrates even more than any other bank,

making up around 50 per cent of Indian banking since its merger. This seems to give you a feeling of pressure at SBI. Moreover, one of the oldest banks enjoys the customer loyalty. This increases customer engagement once again, resulting in an even greater workload.

For IBPs PO, the majority of banks in rural areas are not available. Therefore, the number of customers in these banks is lower than sbi, which decreases the job burden.


For IBPS PO & SBI PO, the job trajectory is almost the same.

Junior Management Grade - Scale I - PO

Middle Management Grade - Scale II - Manager

Middle Management Grade - Scale III - Senior Manager

Senior Management Grade - Scale IV - Chief Manager

Senior Management Grade - Scale V - Assistant General Manager

Top Management Grade - Scale VI - Deputy General Manager

Top Management Grade - Scale VII - General Manager

Executive Director (ED)

Chairman and Managing Director (CMD)

The sbi-po job opportunities are much better than any other IBPS PO banks. SBI also provides greater incentives and an opportunity foreign posting when you can cope successfully with job pressure and show the organization's calibers, you are compensated with additional rewards and benefits.


The major benefit of IBPS PO is that it is used as the mechanism for the selection of most Indian banks, while SBI PO is only considered by the State Bank of India. However, a better starting salary is given for applicants who crack the SBI PO exam.

Nevertheless, the applicants who study for the Bank PO exam will preferably participate in both tests in order to increase the chances of getting the job. SBI PO and IBPs have their own advantages. The comparisons must have helped to determine on which one is better for you. If you have any doubts, drop us your queries through into the comment box.

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