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8 Tips To Clear SSB Interview

Updated on 07 October 2020
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Updated on 07 October 2020

What is SSB Interview?

For recruitment in the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy the Service Selection Board (SSB), set up by the ministry of defence take up SSB Interview to evaluate the candidates. The criterion on which candidates are evaluated includes personality, intelligence, potential, and compatibility, hence mental preparation is very important.

Clearing the SSB interview is not an easy task, so here are 8 tips to clear the SSB interview. But these tips would not work like magic, you need to practice them.

8 Tips to clear SSB Interview:

1. Practice makes a man perfect

Practicing will cause you to be better and nearly perfect, it's advisable to practice for the Psych Tests well before. This is because these tests are done under a really strict time constraint if you're practicing for them in advance; it’ll assist you tons in managing the time there. Also, practice speaking in English, it's vital that you are fluent enough in English to converse with the Interviewer and speak in GD and Lecturette.

2. Don’t ignore current affairs

Don’t leave behind Current Affairs. Having good general awareness and knowledge of current affairs is another advantage! For SSB selection process, many times, during the private interview stage, questions associated with current affairs are going to be posed by the interviewer. Make sure that you simply undergo newspapers, news headlines, etc daily. Also referring magazines will assist you better for this section.

3. Be Yourself

For an SSB selection process, having these traits will assist you greatly during the personal interviews. Be honest while filling out PIQ form. You should never brag about belongings.

Bragging and lying will come to haunt you during the interview. Don’t try to act smart. Be your normal self and don't act as if you are someone else. The interviewer wants to know you- the real you.

4. Upgrade oratory skill

Having good oratory skills will help during conferences, group tasks, etc. Invest your time in cultivating these qualities in yourself. You’ll be amazed by the return it’ll give!

5. Don’t be nervous, be confident

This is something you definitely should do. Building confidence will certainly help you perform well in personal interviews, group discussions, group tasks, etc. While appearing for the SSB Interview, nervousness can be your biggest enemy. Prepare well before and beat the nervousness. There is no use of being nervous, it's not a war, it is just a simple interview, go sort of a roaring tiger and clear it.

6. Improve your technical/academic knowledge

By brushing up your technical/academic knowledge you can easily handle the private interview. Many times, interviewers go for such technical questions. If you're a 12th standard passed/appearing student, the interviewer may ask questions associated with your studies. If you're an engineering graduate, then prepare for questions related to your branch. In short, brushing up your knowledge is essential.

7. Know your home/native town better

Having good, detailed knowledge about your home state or town is a must. Questions associated with them are often asked during a personal interview.

Before the private interview, candidates are asked to fill a PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire). Details like state, town, etc of the candidate must be filled. So, it is obvious that the interviewer will pose some questions associated with them.

Collect information associated with historical significance, population, language, governance, notable personalities, etc of your state/town.

8. Physical fitness

You have to undergo long hours of tasks which can be tiring and exhausting. However, you’ll not realize this within the josh! you've got to be physically fit since you've got to try the physical tasks also. Take care of the way you walk and sit, don’t look lazy. If you’ll be physically fine your personality will reflect that. It's advisable to try some running/light exercise regularly.

These were the 8 tips to clear SSB interview for aspirants willing to join the defence forces. Remember to practice and inculcate these tips for giving the SSB interview better. It is important that you stand out from the crowd. Good luck!

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