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Top paying jobs with an MBA

Updated on 06 November 2020
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Updated on 06 November 2020

Getting a degree in MBA is one of the best decision one can make in life. Not only it opens doors for vast opportunities but also prepares for high paying jobs in the competitive market. In this article, we will discuss about the various top paying jobs with an MBA.

Let's dive into the various top-paying jobs after MBA:

1- Investment Banker

Career in investment banking is the best job after MBA. It is a lucrative and prestigious job profile for individuals wanting to make a career in investment banking. Not many people make up to this secure career and it always requires an MBA from a top B-school. Investment Banker advises companies in mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, debt financing, underwrite ipos, rights, debt offerings and various instruments to raise money.

1(i). Education

To be an investment banker one should have a strong MBA background specialization in finance. 

1(ii). Salary

It is difficult to tell the exact salary of an investment banker as it can be different from organization to organization with different level of seniority. However the average salary range is between 800k to 1,000k per year. 

2- Financial Manager

If you are interested in finance and are looking for a job after MBA then this is the perfect option for you. Financial managers are the people who are responsible for preparing financial statements, business activity reports and forecasts, and to seek ways to reduce costs.

All types of companies require financial managers so it is very crucial for an individual to be very knowledgeable in the field of business.

2(i). Education

The position of financial manager requires a strong understanding in the business and companies prefer employees with good mathematical and problem solving skills.

2(ii). Salary

The average salary of a financial manager is expected to be 700K per year with higher paycheck depending upon the experience of the individual.

3. Chief Technical Officer

The Chief Technical Officer position in a company is an executive level position who oversees the organization’s technical development and implementation of new technologies. He is responsible for identifying technology solutions, monitoring and analyzing technology performance, managing operating and capital budget. It is indeed one of the best job after MBA for individuals interested in technology.

3(i). Education

To be employed as a Chief Technical Officer of a company, an individual should have an MBA degree with specialization in Information technology management.

3(ii). Salary

The average salary of Chief Technical Officer varies depending upon the years of experience, company size, location. The average salary is 28,000K per year.


4. Marketing Manager

Marketing Management is one of the lucrative career for the individuals who enjoy advertising, customer service. The main responsibility of the marketing manager is to expand business into new markets and to make new customers. 

4(i). Education

An MBA degree with specialization in Marketing is required to be a Marketing Manager.

4(ii). Salary

The average salary of a marketing manager is between 500K to 700K and increases with the experience, education, location of the individual.

5. Management Consultant

Management consultants are usually self-employed individuals, working with the businesses to improve their performance by solving problems and providing them with better ways of doing things. Management consultants work directly with top management or Chief Executing Officer and Chief technical Officer. It is a good job opportunity for individuals looking to pursue a job after MBA.

5(i). Education

Most of the companies work with those who have a master degree in management and relevant work experience.

5(ii). Salary

A management consultant earns about 2,034K per year. The pay is higher for the consultant who has a decent amount of experience.

These are some of the top paying jobs with an MBA. Individuals who are confused about their career after MBA should refer to these career options. Good luck!

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