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Regular MBA or Distance MBA. Which is better?

Updated on 06 November 2022
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Updated on 06 November 2022

There is a very common question raised by the students who have just got their graduation degree i.e. to opt for Regular MBA or Distance MBA : Which one is better? . Students are in a dilemma of which MBA program is best for them.

So today we are going to talk about the difference between a Regular MBA and Distance MBA and which suits you best but before that we should know what an MBA is.

An MBA or Master in Business Administration is a two year postgraduate degree program designed especially for the students who want to make a career in the business related field, such as a career in accounting, marketing and management . An MBA provides practical as well as theoretical skills that are needed to manage, organize and adapt to any business environment.

Specializations in MBA:

  1. MBA in Marketing
  2. MBA in Finance 
  3. MBA in Operations
  4. MBA in Human Resource Management
  5. MBA in Entrepreneurship
  6. MBA in Information Technology
  7. MBA in International Business
  8. MBA in Risk Management
  9. MBA in Supply Chain Management
  10. MBA in E-commerce 

Individuals who are confused about which MBA specialization to opt for? should do a proper research and only then opt for one.

Types of MBA:

MBA comes with a vast range of courses. Common types of MBA courses are as follows-

1. Regular MBA or full time MBA - This is a two year academic program where students attend the lecture held in the classroom. Most of the universities in India provide a 2 year program.

2. Executive MBA - This MBA program is specially for individuals who have at least 5 years of experience in the business. Individuals take this program for their career advancement.

3. Part time MBA - This type of MBA is for working professionals. Classes take place on the weekends and the tenure for the program may extend up to 3 years.

4. Distance MBA - This type of MBA program is gaining popularity these days. The program is totally online and it makes an individual to maintain their work-life balance while completing their education.

5. Dual MBA - Dual MBA provides an individual to combine their MBA with another degree. Many colleges in India provide a 5-year combined bachelor and MBA program.

                          REGULAR VS DISTANCE MBA

Why distance MBA and why regular MBA?

There is a difference between Full time MBA and Distance MBA. The curriculum is different for both the programs. The teaching methodologies differ for both the programs as one is totally online while the other takes place in the classroom.

While it is not possible for a working professional to quit their job and attend regular MBA , but with the gaining popularity of Distance MBA which has been replaced by online MBA, many companies consider Online MBA equally valuable as Regular MBA.

Though it is always good to have a regular MBA degree but online MBA can be done with a lesser budget than that of regular MBA. If any professional is interested in doing a regular MBA, then instead of doing it from any 2-tier or 3-tier college, they should prepare for the entrance exam.

Top universities in India loves to give admission to the working professionals. Entrance exams for the top universities are pretty competitive and hence require dedicated amount of time and preparation.

It is obvious that distance MBA cannot replace Regular MBA, we have listed out differences i.e. Regular MBA or Distance MBA. Which is better ? We hope this article has cleared your doubts. Good luck!


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