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SBI PO VS SSC CGL: Which one should you go for?

Updated on 08 June 2020
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Updated on 08 June 2020

The reputable examinations are SSC CGL and SBI PO and every year more than 40 lakh people prepare and attend. Both tests are known to release many vacancies each year. Therefore, we have come here to give you a comparison between SSC CGL and SBI PO that helps you to get a clear image of what fits you better.

While both exams have nearly equal opportunities and the option of both is entirely dependent on what you want to do in your working life and which profession is one of the most appealing to you, a good understanding of both exams will aid in making your decisions. 

We will look at many key factors for a brief comparative analysis of SBI PO versus SSC CGL. They are classified widely as:




This test is performed by the State Bank of India each year in order to hire probationary officers for all SBI branches. It is one of the country's biggest and most coveted work. SBI PO Prelims contains sectional timings that make this examination just as hard as IBPS PO. There are three stages in SBI PO Prelims, Main and Interviews and it is necessary to prepare carefully for this test.
The Staff Selection Committee (SSC) recruits staff from various posts under the government of India every year. 

SSC CGL is the largest government job recruiting examination in India (Staff Selection Committee, Combined Graduate Level). The SSC conducts a CGL exam for several positions such as Central Secretariat Service, CAG, Exercise Inspector, Statistical Investigator, Central Vigilance Committee, AO, intelligence office, CBI, and other Ministries.


SSC CGL is a pure government institution. SBI and various banks are recruiting a number of individual aspirants for a variety of posts annually through different SBI tests or IBPS testing. Compared to those in SSC CGL, the number of work offers in banks is much higher.

SBI PO Job Profile:

An SBI PO is a more exciting piece of work. The following list shows the SBI PO job duties: 

  1. Providing customer support. 
  2. Manage the bank 's cash operations. 
  3. Improving the bank's company. 
  4. Customer account management. 
  5. Support to the customer. (Official communication) 
  6. This is a job dependent on the goal. 
  7. Working pressure is high, but more exciting compared to SSC. 
  8. Client-related issue management.

SSC CGL Job Profile:

An applicant starts to work from scratch as an SSC CGL officer. The standards for jobs are therefore as follows: 

  1. Clerical jobs, such as answering questions about RTI. 
  2. The general government acts as a beginning. 
  3. Do notes and work with the submission. 
  4. Go to work in the field with flying. 
  5. Get to work on national policy development by caring for bank office work. 
  6. Conduct monitoring, searches, arrests, etc.

SBI PO Salary:

With an SBI PO job, the most time an SBI PO has to incur extra travel costs and other costs. The SBI PO job is transferable. 

SBI PO pay per month is roughly 38,000-42,000/-. 

In addition to its SBI PO salary, an SBI PO receives additional benefits. 

Pay of SSC CGL: 

Pay for SSC CGL under the seventh pay commission shall be revised. 

The salary of an SSC staff member of CGL ranges from about 39,000 to 45,000/-.

Another vital factor to be considered in the long term is career development. Promotions in bank jobs are very prompt (2-3 years) and chances are extremely high that you will be a manager in 6-7 years, as you work hard for it.

Careful actions and hard work will carry you to the organization's top positions. 

Mr. S Mundhra, DG, RBI, and Mr. Yogesh Agarwal have given a number of examples, former President of the Regulatory and Development Authority of Pension Fund.

It would be quite difficult and difficult to advance to the top positions of the organization.

SBI PO VS SSC CGL: Work Pressure

SBI PO work pressure:

  1. As an SBI PO, high work pressure directly affects people. 
  2. Administrative tasks, general banking, or other administrative tasks are included in the initial package for SBI PO. 
  3. A candidate must complete a rigorous training session as an SBI PO before he/she is in charge of regular tasks such as marketing, billing, investment, finance, accounting, human resources, general banking, agricultural banking, etc.

  4. SSC CGL work pressure:

  5. In contrast to SBI PO, the SSC CGL role is easy. 

  1. An SSC CGL staff works on various tasks, such as management tasks, supervision, or any other tasks, as requested by the senior official. 
  2. SSC CGL provides a good balance between work and life. 
  3. Sometimes there may be cases as an SSC CGL officer that require staff to work in elections, etc. 
  4. An SSC CGL Officer does not have customer interactions.


SBI PO transfer:

  1. A transfer is expected to occur once every two or three years. 
  2. Transfer occurs by seniority or promotion. 

Transfer of SSC CGL: 

  1. Once every 4-5 years, a transfer takes place. 
  2. Transfers according to various government departments' requirements.

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