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7 Tips To Clear AFSB Interview

Updated on 10 October 2020
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Updated on 10 October 2020

What is AFSB Interview?

Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) is conducted twice a year by the Indian Air Force recruiting students for the position of Officers in Flying, Technical, Administration, Logistics branch for permanent and short service commission officers. 

Candidates who obtain minimum qualifying marks in the AFCAT exam, the Indian Air Force(IAF) call those candidates for the AFSB interview. To clear this exam all you need is the right guidance and proper strategy. In this article, we will cover How to Clear AFSB Interview for aspirants wanting to get recruited for the above posts.

There are total of 5 active AFSB centers

  1. 1 AFSB Dehradun
  2. 2 AFSB Mysore
  3. 3 AFSB Gandhinagar
  4. 4 AFSB Varanasi
  5. 5 AFSB Kanchrapara

AFSB Interview 5 Day Procedure

  1. Day 1: Screening and Psychology Test
  2. Day 2: GTO and Interview
  3. Day 3: GTO and Interview
  4. Day 4: Mini-Conference and GTO
  5. Day 5: Conference

So, here are some of the tips and tricks to clear AFSB Exam Interview

1. Communication Competencies:

This is an important part of AFSB. In order to speak in a large group in discussions, and also to interact with your group mates, you need to have a good communication skill for this interview round. This is because SSB requires a great deal of social adaptability, you must therefore be good enough to interact with others and communicate your ideas to them. You need to start practicing English speaking from the first day of your preparation itself.

2. Knowledge of Current affairs and the GK:

To boost your IQ level, read general knowledge books. You will be quite updated about current events when you read the newspaper regularly. But otherwise, last year's major national and international news will have to be prepared thoroughly. There is no need to go into detail, but general details are a must for a good AFSB preparation.

3. Working on your vocabulary and logical justification:

It is not really possible to perfect your vocabulary within a month, especially if you are weak in English. Try reading as many words as possible of the synonyms and antonyms and review them regularly. You can also watch videos to easily understand new phrases. Questions regarding series completion, dots, embedded figure, Venn diagrams, strange findings, etc should be carefully prepared. Understand the pattern and complexity of these topics with online mock-tests. So, you must make a very good preparation for these aptitudes

4. Keeping physically fit:

To clear the AFSB Exam, you need to be physically fit for group training workouts, individual obstacles, group obstacles race etc. While preparing for an AFSB interview, basic exercises are also required to improve stamina and endurance level. For that, you can go for running or playing some outdoor sports such as football, cricket, etc not only to be more active but also to develop team spirit and cooperative skills.

5.Self-assessment is the key:  

One of the main reasons candidates do not clear AFSB interview is because of lack of self-assessment. Without much doubt you need to know everything about your own likes , dislikes, strengths , weaknesses, accomplishments, etc. If you do not conduct self-assessment, how do you expect to grow and improve yourself? Ask your friends and family what they think about you, and write down everything. During Psychological Testing and Personal Interview your sincerity, attitude and how you experience issues in life will all be evaluated. Therefore conduct self-analysis and focus on your weaknesses


6. Story Writing Practice:

You are expected to write a story of around 70 words in just 4 minutes of time during Picture Perception Test. For this as well take online mock tests and practice writing stories within a given time frame.

Now comes the hard part, Discussion Test. The whole process of writing stories and then debating them is called PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test). You need to start group discussion after narrating your stories individually, and complete a common story altogether.

To score well in PPDT, one needs to be optimistic and develop their ability to communicate, body language, stance, stage audacity, initiative and power.

7. Air Force Awareness: 

The last point in AFSB Preparation is to learn the details of Airforce, such as its orders, ranks, aircraft and missiles. If any of the members of your family are in Airforce then you are expected to know in much more detail. Don't forget to read about recent deals in Defense and upgrades in defense.


 This was the complete guide for "How to clear the AFSB interview". Candidates are suppose to keep these points in mind and prepare according. Good luck to all!


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