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###Different Programming Jobs###

Updated on 10 June 2020
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Updated on 10 June 2020

Computer programming jobs

For more than a decade, every youngster is aspiring to grab a job which is well- paying and this is what programming field is providing along with lot opportunities to explore their talent in different fields. It is hard to go wrong with such jobs. Many researches have proved that the count of students choosing computer related field to make their career is continuously mushrooming every year. Evidently, this sector has a big market around the world with endless scope for opportunists. As the market is growing by leaps and bounds, thus, making career and getting success in these fields is very much certain and the benefits are satisfactory.

There are different programming jobs that are in demand

1.Software Developer- A software developing job includes various steps such as related research, designing the software and then implementing it. After implementation, software programs are managed. Testing at various levels is done by software tester to make identifications for the improvements. Coding is an essential part of it.

2.Mobile Developer – In this profile software of mobile are developed. These days this field is quite growing. The developers in this area are expertise of mobile technology. They develop mobile apps for different companies and are specifically recognized as per their specialization. For instance, Android developers, Apple’s iOS developer’s etcetera

a.Web Developer – a web developer programs websites of a company as per its requirements. A web developer has to develop design and layout of a website using the coding system.

b.Front-end developer- Front-end developer is the one who makes visual elements for a website that is first to be seen on a company’s website while searching any information. HTML is commonly used to design such elements.

c.Back-end developer- Back- end developer supports the Front-end developer. These developers work upon the server side information.

d.Full stack developer- A full-stack developer uses a whole range of technologies to develop the website. In simple language, a full stack developer has the abilities of both Front-end and Back-end developer.

3.Database Developer- A database developer has to develop and implement databases for computers. They have to gather data before creating a database. Researching, designing, developing, testing and all other steps are included in their job. They deal in various languages such as SQL, php, MySQL, C, C++ etcetera.

Computer Programmers

Career, Salary and Education Information

Salary in India (Annually)
Education/ qualification
Software Developer
6 lac to 12 lac
Bachelor's degrees in computer science or Master degree in computer science
Web Developer 
2.75 to 3.5 lac per
Associate’s degree
Computer programmers
2 to 5 lac per
Diploma in computer programming
Mobile Developer

2 lac to 4 lac
B.Sc in mobile development or    B.TECH in computer science engineering or
M.TECH in computer science engineering or
M.TECH in software development

System Administrator 
1.9 lac to 3.5 lac

BCA/ B.Sc in computer science

Programming Languages that will make the future:


C++ is very common language which is used by numerous companies which aspire for high performance. It helps to program search engines, automotive software, web browsers, gaming and lot more. For developing robotics, C ++ language is highly used.


Another popular language to learn and make career in is Java. Professionals use this language for programming and developing Android App which has become the need for every enterprise as plethora of people is using Android apps, apparently. Thus, who are looking to make their career as Android developer has a great scope after learning this language.


This language is beneficial for those who are aspiring to become a front-end developer. JavaScript is basically a web development language. The language these days is being highly used for creating animations as animation work is becoming popular all around.


This language is also used for web development. It is profoundly used for artificial intelligence, scientific computing etcetera. YouTube, Instagram are common examples of those apps which have been developed using Python.

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