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Lakshya Malik
Lakshya Malik
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Lakshya Malik

Software Developer at Gingerwebs pvt. ltd.
Live in Shamli,India, Uttar Pradesh
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Humble means "modest; without an excess of pride." A person who brags about bein...
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Lakshya Malik shared post from General Science and History

19 Oct 2019 03:00 AM study24x7 study24x7

Who you are......?

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  • Neha sharma Neha
  • Class bankers
    Lakshya Malik shared post from Astronomy

    Is there any difference between landing a man or woman?

    19 May 2019 11:56 PM study24x7 study24x7

    NASA plans to land woman on moon.

    Is there any difference between landing a man or woma...
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  • Hridendra Srivastava
  • No priority is landing. Now NASA choice whom to land on moon😜
    Lakshya Malik shared post from Manisha Nama

    05 Mar 2019 10:28 AM study24x7 study24x7

    hindi grammar pdf - part 2

    hindi grammar pdf - part 2.pdf
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    Lakshya Malik shared post from trilok sharma

    Let's learn about strings.

    24 Mar 2019 12:45 PM study24x7 study24x7

    More About Strings in C

    More About Strings in C

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    Lakshya Malik shared post from SSC CGL 2020 Preparation Strategies & Study Materials

    Try this one..

    In females, the uterus is __________.









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    08 Jan 2019 11:35 AM study24x7 study24x7

    A stunning US park in winter white

    If you were to visit the United States in winter, you might want to check out some of the country’s famous national parks, which take on a whole new dimension in winter months. For example, winter is a great time to enjoy recreational snow activities at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state, pictured here peeking through the clouds at sunrise. An added winter bonus is that visitors can experience public treasures like Mount Rainier without the summertime crowds. Other parks also have distinct charms when the snow falls. Check out dramatic steaming geyser action in the brisk winter air at Yellowstone. Easily spot herds of elk and other wildlife in the snow blanket of the Grand Tetons. Or walk among the snow-capped hoodoos (towering red-rock spires) of Bryce Canyon.

    A stunning US park in winter white<br><br>If you were...
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    03 Jan 2019 05:22 PM study24x7 study24x7

    An unusual winter getaway.
    While summer is an obviously good season for tourists to visit Ladakh, winter is a time when you could really get a feel of the culture, when the local population of the place has a lot of time on their hands. It is a time when the winter monastery festivals take place, where an outsider is warmly welcomed. And then if you are a photography buff, you can take beautiful landscape pictures like today’s home page image, without the odd tourist ruining your picture. All this and more, if you are willing to brave the winter temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius and below!

    An unusual winter getaway.<br>While summer is an obvi...
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    02 Jan 2019 07:49 PM study24x7 study24x7

    Tesla, the visionaryWe approach today’s observance of Science Fiction Day through a route of science fact. Our photo today shows Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, seated under his ‘magnifying transmitter’—an experimental power generator that used his Tesla coils to demonstrate the possibility of a safe, wireless electrical grid. While Tesla’s vision for his electrical system never materialized, many of Tesla’s concepts and designs would shape various technologies to come, including radio transmission, and even some fundamentals of the internet and web.
    What seemed like science fiction during Tesla’s lifetime has become reality. And although Nikola Tesla was a real person, he’s become a cult-like figure in popular culture, appearing in works of fiction—especially science fiction.

    Tesla, the visionaryWe approach today’s observance ...
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    Lakshya Malik shared post from Rohit Mishra

    21 Sep 2018 11:41 AM study24x7 study24x7

    Good Morning

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    29 Dec 2018 11:53 AM study24x7 study24x7

    The mechanics of the northern lights are still not fully understood, as there are multiple influences and atmospheric conditions that create these photogenic ripples of coloured light in the sky. Scientists agree that solar winds—big pulses of energy from our sun—interfere with the Earth’s magnetic fields, especially at the polar regions. The result is a ghostly light show in the sky—like the one in our photo today, captured in Norway.

    The mechanics of the northern lights are still not fu...
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