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02 Nov 2019 09:33 PM study24x7 study24x7

pls brief, : 1-Organisational development Cube,.
2. Consulcube , and Four Quadrants?

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02 Nov 2019 08:56 PM study24x7 study24x7

what is current minimum wages for unorganised sector in India?

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  • A k
  • Rs 11000, cary according to state govt
  • Ashish Verma
  • In January, a committee of experts appointed by the Labour Ministry recommended that the government set the national minimum wage at Rs 375 per day. This, they said, was the minimum amount required for a worker to meet their family expenditure, preserve their health, and keep them efficient at their jobs.
    01 Nov 2019 03:29 PM study24x7 study24x7

    who is the present chairman of NTA NET?

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