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Shivam Tomar
Shivam Tomar
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study24x7Shivam Tomar

Shivam Tomar

Studied B.Sc Mathematics (Completed) at TMBU BHAGALPUR
Live in Bhagalpur,India, Bihar
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I am a Student of SSC

Shivam Tomar shared post from General Science and History

Some Important GK

10 Sep 2019 06:11 PM study24x7 study24x7

Indian History questions
1. भारत में खोजा गया सबसे पहला पुराना शहर कौन-सा था? – हड़प्पा 2.‘स्वराज मेरा जन्म सिद्ध अधिकार है’ क...

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