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Get your perfect online course topic in 5 steps!

Updated on 11 June 2020
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Updated on 11 June 2020

Are you ready to create an online course but still confused about selecting a course topic?

The first step to launching an online course is to identify an ideal topic! Many times it so happens that educators ignore what they actually want to create and go for an idea that is famous in the market. Well, the point is that you must create a course on the topic that you are passionate about rather than getting driven by the market trend. Hence, here I have provided a 5 step guide that will take you closer to your perfect course idea!

Step 1- Identify your passion

Create a list of topics that you are passionate about and has acquired some skills related to it. A topic that is based on your passion can be more motivating to work on and you would be able to give your best to your audience. 

Step 2- Identify your strengths 

Fuel your passion by attaching your strengths to it! 

It can be a case that you are passionate about something but it isn’t your strength. For instance, you can be passionate about playing guitar but lack its theoretical knowledge. 

To create an online course you don’t have to be an expert of your passion but you definitely require a set of valid knowledge from which your students will learn. So you need to select a topic on which you possess knowledge which is credible enough to be shared through an online course. 

Step 3- Know about the risk-factor

Before investing in any sort of business one must be “Risk-Ready”

To create your online course is definitely a less risky business still it has its own share of investments and losses. To set up an online course business you need to invest your time, emotions and money which need to be bound by limit. Your goals should be in alignment with your budget and readiness to face risk which will give you a strict line to stay within. 

You should also have the smartness to optimize your resources as well as your budget to get the maximum output out of minimum level of risk. 

Step 4- Know your target audience 

Merely finding an online course topic and working on it doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t set your target audience.

In order to aim right audience you need to go through a detailed market research on your course topic. See how many people are interested in that topic and what their demographic as well as psycho graphic specifications are. Having a market (audience) that is in need of your course is the best way to ascertain success. 

Step 5- Choose a right platform 

This is the final step where you need to get your hands on the best online course creating website. 

This needs extensive research and reasoning. You will have to sort your priorities and try not to get influenced by big brands shelling out services at a huge amount. 

A free platform such as Study24x7 lets you create and sell your online courses amidst a large pool of learners from various domains. It has got the right interface, right set of audience and a lot of scope to improvise your online course making skills that too for free. 

Here branding also plays a big role! You would want a platform that lets you sell your online educational content labeled with your own brand name and that is the exact freedom that Study24x7 gives to the online course sellers on its platform

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