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Strategic Preparation of UPSC2020

Updated on 15 February 2020
UPSC & State PSC
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Updated on 15 February 2020

UPSC online form will be released in February so make sure you fill the form on time. The most important point is that you should prepare for Mains along with prelims otherwise it might get overwhelming later.

Here we have discussed a few topics that important from Mains’s point of view. 

1. In Technology, the questions will most probably be asked from gadgets and technologies that have been in the news.

Technologies like space technology and biotechnology should be given special preference while preparing.

Economic development is the improvement in the political, social and economic condition of a nation and its citizens.

Keep an eye out for the reforms and schemes introduced by the government for economic development.

Biodiversity is the variety of life i.e. plants and animals on Earth.

, bio-geographic zones and provinces and wildlife diversity of India. Also, make a list of the biodiversity hotspots in India and World Heritage Sites.

For the environment, study about the recent happenings, conventions, and initiatives taken to improve the climate.

Read the newspaper daily and note down key insights from it on the topic of the environment.

You should have a deep knowledge of various security forces and agencies, the challenges faced and their management on the border areas and the links between the spread of extremism and development.

Identify the most common natural disasters that occur in India and the National Policy on disaster management.

2. The issues that need to be addressed in the economic planning of India are population growth; food production; health; vulnerable sections of the population; transport, communication, and energy self-sufficiency; water conservation and air quality; trade and investment; and peace, security, and governance.

Developing countries are forced to rely on foreign aid, foreign direct investment, export earnings, and external resources because of challenges faced in mobilizing domestic resources.

India's growth is majorly driven by the service sector whereas the manufacturing sector is weak.

The dependency of the agriculture sector on monsoon is the reason why it contributes to only 14% of the GDP. There should be an investment in productive areas supported by infrastructure but that is also lacking.

lastly growth should be inclusive but there is still a significant part of the population below the poverty line.

3. Inclusive growth is when none of the sections of the society is excluded and the growth is regionally balanced while narrowing the gap between different communities and also facilitates gender equality.

Inclusive growth is considered a Utopian concept as perfect equality is almost impossible to obtain.

It requires an increase in employment, elimination of discrimination, elimination of poverty, elimination of inequalities and promotion of access to public resources and institutions.

The aim of inclusive growth is not the reduction of poverty but also the right to have access to good quality roads, schools, health facility, and electricity, the lack of which is holding back the development of India.

Choose your UPSC 2020 optional subjects carefully as they can make all the difference in your Mains exam.

All the best!

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