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Chartered Accountancy: Exam info, Duration, Eligibility and Tips.

Updated on 26 October 2022
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Updated on 26 October 2022

"Nothing will work unless you do"

  -Maya Angelou

The above quote by an acclaimed American poet, Maya Angelou rightly said that if you don't work toward your goal and just dream about it nothing will appear into reality. You need to have a proper plan of action to reach your desired goal. So if you have a goal that is running in your mind you need to have proper information about it and then plan it as per your convenience. Here we will cover about CA Exam info for all the aspirants.

A chartered accountant is a profession that every commerce student might be knowing, but let me tell you how to become a chartered accountant?

A chartered accountant is a designation given by the Institute of Chartered of Accountants of India(ICAI), which is a government recognized institute. As a Chartered Accountant, you are eligible to take care of accounting and taxation, auditing, corporate law, statutory audit as well as Financial planning of a company or business.

Chartered accountancy is a great career option which has a wide scope of career opportunities in future and this course mainly has accounts and audit as a core subject.

A Chartered Accountant has a great knowledge of his subjects, so hiring an accountant with certification will give a comfortable assurance to the company because of experience.

Let's talk about three basic information you need to know before opting this career, let's understand the different stages of this course, eligibility and duration.

CA Exam Info

There are three levels of examinations that you need to crack to become a CA.

1. Foundation course or CPT- The total numbers of papers in CPT are four.

Paper 1- Principles and Practices of Accounting(100 marks)

Paper 2-Business Mathematics, Logical reasoning, Statistics(100 marks)

Paper 3- Mercantile Law and General English(100 marks)

Paper 4-Business Economics and & Business and Commercial Knowledge(100 marks)

Your Passing criteria for Aggregate is 50% and subject wise is 40%

2. Intermediate or IPCC-It involves 2 groups with,4 paper in each group.

The total marks for each group are 400.

You need 40% for passing in each subject.

50% marks in total (200 marks out of 400) for passing each group.

3.Final Exam - CA final is divided into 2 groups. Each group consists of 4 papers.

Each paper contains 100 marks, from which you need to score a minimum of 40% of marks.


CA Eligibility

Any student who chooses to pursue CA after 12th needs to appear for the Foundation course or CPT that is the entrance examination. 

A student who chooses to pursue CA after graduation or post-graduation can directly apply for Intermediate or IPCC, but their graduation and post-graduation scores should be at least 55% aggregate or equivalent. 

Graduates and post-graduate from non-commerce backgrounds need at least 60℅ scores in aggregate or equivalent.

CA Duration

Minimum CA duration if a student joins after 12th (through CPT route), takes 4.5 years. 

The minimum duration after graduation is 3 years.

Articleship is compulsory for a student who is pursuing CA. Some of you might be thinking what is an Articleship? An Articleship is a work experience under the guidance of any chartered accountant for 3 years. Articleship can be done only after clearing IPCC.

Here are some of the CA tips that you need to know to crack the exam in your first attempt:

Time Management

Try to manage your time and schedule according to your classes and colleges. Stick to your time table which you have made and be disciplined.


Consistency is the key to success. Study every day never skip a day because if you skip a day it might become a habit which will have a negative impact on your course.

Hard work

You might have heard people saying "Do smart work" but for becoming a well established CA hard work is more important than smart work. Don't skip topics or chapters as much as possible.


If you believe in yourself anything is possible. Don't lose hope if you didn't succeed because it doesn't mean that you will never succeed. Have an optimistic attitude.

This was all the CA Exam Info that candidates need to know. Cracking Chartered Accountancy is easy if you have a great determination or hunger to become a Chartered Accountant. The best way to become successful in this course is to have a proper plan and strategy after registering for the examination and then give your best shot and crack this examination.

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