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Railway Group D- 20 Days Exam Preparation Strategy

Updated on 15 October 2020
Examination Guide
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Updated on 15 October 2020

The Railway Recruitment Board is one of the leading organizations that conduct various examinations annually for various departments and posts. Computer-based test (CBT) consists of General Science, General Intelligence/Reasoning, Mathematics and General Awareness. Interested candidates should know the most important topics and the best way to prepare for Railway Group D exam.

About one month to go for the exam, we bring you a 20-day study plan. This article will guide you through the important tips and strategies you need to follow and we have brought you some tips and unique strategies that can help you prepare for the Railway Group D examination.

How to Prepare Section-wise for RRB Group-D Exam?

The RRB Group D exam includes 4 sections: General knowledge, Arithmetic Ability (Mathematics), General Intelligence/Reasoning, and General Science. Now that is a common view of the exam, candidates can go through the Railway Group D preparation tips and strategy for each Section shown below.

1.  Tips for Arithmetic Ability (Mathematics)

Regular practice is the key for the preparation of the Railway Group D Mathematics section. To master this area, you need to combine skills and strategic planning. This section tests your ability to interpret and understand graphical data and then answer the questions asked. By spending 3-4 hours at least a day on this section would allow candidates to easily score higher marks in this section.

Following the tips below will undoubtedly help to crack RRB Group D Mathematics section of D with good scores.

  1. First, candidates need to be familiar with the pattern and the structure of the Syllabus
  2. Second, rather than solving it further, candidates need to understand concepts more accurately
  3. In class 10th NCERT Mathematics book, candidates can find almost all the topics which are in the exam syllabus.
  4. Prepare a study plan that strengthens the basics, while improving the weak section as well.
  5. View previous years' question papers and take the free Mock online test daily.
  6. Don't go for a very difficult book. Just make sure you know all the concepts well.
  7. Try to do quick and accurate calculations.

2.  Tips for General Intelligence and Reasoning

General intelligence and reasoning may seem tricky, but it is one of those sections where the chances of scoring a good score is very high. The only way to excel in Reasoning is to develop a deep understanding of Logic and Regular Practice.

The following tips will be useful for RRB Group D Intelligence and Reasoning section:

  1. Reasoning can be strengthened by solving a variety of puzzles and playing tricky games.
  2. You can refer to any book for general intelligence and reasoning. Since this section is so common in SSC exams, you can use a good SSC book as well.
  3. Candidates must go through to the most important topics in General Intelligence at least once a day
  4. You can use Google to search each topic and learn some shortcuts and tricks.
  5. Solve 20-30 general intelligence questions daily and see their solutions also to develop easy ways to solve questions.

3.  RRB Group D Preparation Tips for General Science

When it comes to preparing for the General Science Section, candidates must refer to the basic science of 10th and 12th class. The RRB General Science exam is divided into 3 categories, namely, Life Sciences, Physics, and Chemistry and the candidate can expect about 3 to 4 questions from each one of these topics.

Some tips to keep in mind while preparing for General Science are the following:

  1. First, read the full syllabus of the General Science of RRB Group D.
  2. Try a free Mock Test online every day will help you get the right information for the RRB Group D Exam pattern.
  3. Candidates must take help of 12th class NCERT Science textbooks that provide complete material.
  4. Make a habit to watch informative shows such as Nat Geo, Discovery, and the History Channel.

4.  RRB Group D Preparation for General Awareness

Candidates need to follow some useful tips given below to score good marks in Railways Group D general awareness section:

  1. When it comes to preparing for General Awareness, one must always be aware of all current affairs.
  2. Watch the latest current affairs videos, read PDFs and newspapers and write down important points and revise them regularly.
  3. Practice questions on current affairs every day to refresh your memory.
  4. Candidates must ensure to have RRB Group D books that cover all the concepts and topics based on the Syllabus.
  5. When sitting with friends, discuss GK and current affairs.


However, candidates who are going to appear for the upcoming Railway Group D competitive examination are advised to study well to score more. With a clear understanding of the basic concepts and strategies, it is possible for the candidate to crack the RRB Group D exam easily in 20 days’ preparation.

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