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Company Secretary: Scope in Future, Job opportunities and salary.

Updated on 26 October 2020
Professional Courses
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Updated on 26 October 2020

The company secretary is a professional course which mainly focuses on corporate law where he/she is responsible for keeping records of companies legal and statutory regulation. The professional body that regulates the working of the company secretary profession is The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Here we will discuss about the CS Scope in future for all the aspiring candidates.

A company secretary acts as an arbitrator between the company and its board of directors. In India, every listed company needs to have a Company secretary for their company to handle all the legal issues of the company. If you consider CS as the profession then you need to know that it is a challenging as well as a rewarding career.

You might be knowing that there are three levels of examinations:

  1. Foundation programme
  2. Executive programme 
  3. Professional programme 

It takes 3 years to complete the whole CS course. Every programme of CS is held twice a year.


Training and Development Programme

After completion of all the three-levels, the student needs to undergo a training process where they are given training on computers, executive development programme, long term internship(which should be done directly after the professional program), Professional development programme etc.

As you complete the company secretary course you will be hired in. Let's take a look at the various CS: Job opportunities

  1. Private company
  2. Multinational company
  3. Government organisation
  4. Industrial organisation
  5. Health care institutes
  6. Banks and PSUs

With the growth in the corporate world, the company secretary can be the next big thing. One can get a job in various banks and financial institutions, stock exchanges, department of company affair and government department.

You need to understand that CA, CS, LLB etc are all professional courses. These courses have a great demand in future in every field of the company. Companies will pay you a handsome package if you are very qualified and committed for the job. They also give opportunities to work abroad if you are really great at your job.

CS: Salary

A Company Secretary working in a Multi-National company gets great pay that is around 45K to 80k per month and the salary keeps on increasing based on his/her work quality and experience.

A well-deserving candidate in an organization can become an important advisory in the company. He can get the authority of making important decisions of the company after the experience of 5 to 6 years.

This was all about the CS Scope in future. If you have 100% dedication and you want to rule the corporate world, this professional course is perfect. You need to be very disciplined towards the course and follow a proper strategy to be successful in this course.

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