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How to Prepare for Railway Physical Test (PET / PMT)

Updated on 08 October 2020
Examination Guide
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Updated on 08 October 2020

Some railway recruitment programs require that a candidate perform certain physical tasks for the selection process. There are two types of physical assessments, namely Physical Efficiency Test (PET), and Physical Measurement Test (PMT). Under PET, a candidate must perform tasks such as carrying weight, long distance run and jumping skills. Meanwhile, the Physical Measurement Test (PMT) considers chest measurement and height. Further information to prepare for the Railway Physical test will be provided in this article.

Important Points Related to the Preparation of the Railway Physical Test

A candidate must show solidity and complete certain physical tasks in one go. One needs to undergo regular hard work and exercise regularly to qualify the physical test.

Try to make a morning program - In the morning, the human body has a lot of stored energy because of the diet consumed a day ago. If someone uses this energy in the right direction, there will be positive results and for that try to take proper sleep and wake up early in the morning. Do running-based exercises and stay hydrated. Take regular breaks between exercises to get the best performance during every exercise.

Get organized with the current schedule: The schedule should be fixed but should also be changed approximately after every three weeks. Everyone has a different pace, so the running program exercise should be based on the goals one has to achieve. There should be a variety of exercises for training in different areas.

Perform weight lifting activities under expert supervision - Care should be taken while doing this exercise and weight lifting should be performed under the supervision of an instructor. A lot of stretching should be done to avoid injury. It is essential not to lift heavy weights and follow the process step by step.

Diet: Diet plays an important role because it supplements your body with nutrients. Oiled foods such as fried potatoes should be avoided and healthier foods should be chosen. Eating green vegetables and fruits like apples and oranges, etc. can help harness a lot of energy and nutrients in the body.

Types of PET in Different Railway Examinations

Not all Railways exams have the PET round. Below is the list of exams and PET activities that needs to be performed:

RRB D PET Group - PET is the second round for RRB group D selection process. The following are the minimum requirements to qualify for the exam:

For Males

  1. 100 meters run in 2 minutes while carrying a weight of 35 kg.
  2. 1000 meters run in 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

For Females

  1. 100 meters’ race in 2 minutes, carrying a weight of 20 kg.
  2. 1000 meters’ run which has to be completed in 5 minutes and 40 seconds.

RPF Constable Exam - One must have to go through the PET to qualify RPF Constable exam. Following are the activities to be performed in this exam to qualify-

For Males

  1. A 1600 Meter race in 5 minutes and 45 seconds. (One chance)
  2. Long jump of at least 14 feet. (Two possibilities)
  3. A minimum 4 feet high jump. (Two possibilities)

For Females

  1. Run 800 meter in 3 minutes and 40 seconds (one possibility)
  2. Long jump of at least 9 feet. (Two possibilities)
  3. 3 feet high jump. (Two possibilities)

SI RPF exam- The activities under RPF SI exam are the same as the RPF Constable exam but the minimum requirement is lower for all activities

For Males

  1. 1600-meter race in 6 minutes and 30 seconds. (One chance)
  2. Long jump of at least 12 feet. (Two possibilities)
  3. High jump of at least 3 feet 9 inches. (Two possibilities)

For Females

  1. 800 meter run in 4 minutes. (One chance)
  2. Long jump of at least 9 feet. (Two possibilities)
  3. High jump of at least 3 feet. (Two possibilities)

Hope this informative guide on how to prepare for Railway Physical Test was Helpful. Best of Luck!

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