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Company Secretary: Exam info, Duration and Eligibility.

Updated on 26 October 2022
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Updated on 26 October 2022

A company secretary is a position in the private or public sector company who takes care of all the legal obligations of a company or organization. The main duties of the company secretary includes calling up the meeting, keeping book records, managing interest and dividend payments, executing agreements and other legal formalities. Those who have a degree in CS can only apply for the position of CS. Here we will cover all the CS Exam info that candidates need to know.

The important responsibilities as a Company Secretary are to bridge the gap between the company and board of directors, shareholders, government authorities and shareholders.

A company secretary also assists the corporate sustainability and social sustainability framework. He also provides his opinions on the issue of shares and other securities.

Let's understand how one can apply for company secretary course and what is the procedure :

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India provides training for the students who want to pursue Company secretary. There are three levels of examinations:

  1. Foundation Programme

There are 4 subjects in the foundation course. The question is MCQ based and there is no negative marking for the wrong questions.

2. Executive Programme 

There are a total of 2 modules and there are 4 subjects in each module. Each subject is for 100 marks. There are both types subjective as well as the objective type of question. There is negative marking in the executive programme.

3. Professional programme

There are a total of 3 modules and there are 3 subjects in each module. There is only a descriptive type of question in the CS professional programme.

CS Eligibility :

Students who wish to pursue CS directly after 12th need to register for the Foundation programme of the company secretary. Graduates or PostGraduates who wish to pursue CS can directly register for Executive programme and professional programme.

The entrance exam or the Foundation exam is conducted twice every year during June and December.

All the exams are conducted twice in a year.

CS Duration :

It takes 3 years to complete the overall company secretary course, where the foundation programme needs 8 months, the executive programme takes 9 months and the professional programme takes 15 months.

There are many career options after you become CS like Administrative assistant, Managing Director, Chairman, Corporate planner, Principal Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer.

There are many job opportunities in Foreign collaboration and joint ventures, Project planning, Capital market and investor relation, corporate restructuring.

A CS can be a member of the board of directors. If you have great communication skills and have a great interest in the legal aspects of accounting and auditing, then this career is very much apt for you.

The pay scale for this career is also very high. A fresher can get 3-5 lakh per annum depending on the experience of years the salary keeps growing. A company secretary working in an international company get a great package in India. 

This was all about the CS Exam info that one needs to know. A company secretary is a great course if you are really very interested in company law and procedure. Every company needs a company secretary, this career has a very great scope in future prospective. 

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