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Preparation Strategy for MAT Examination.

Updated on 21 October 2020
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Updated on 21 October 2020

Let's say you are going to cook dinner for your friends, you cannot directly get into the kitchen and turn on the gas and then find the ingredients, this can mess up your food as well as waste fuel. You need to first start by finding out what all ingredients you need then chop or grind the ingredients and then the process goes on. In the same way while studying for any exam you need to first start by making the strategy or timetable and then start studying , by doing this you can crack the exam easily. Every year the MAT Exam takes place and there are tons of aspirants who appear for this examination.

But before giving this examination you need to strategize and make a timetable. In this article we have come up with MAT Exam preparation tips.

There are 5 important sections that candidates need to prepare which includes Language Comprehension, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Mathematical Skills, Indian and Global Environment.

Here are some of the tips to crack the MAT examination:

  1. Solve sample question papers on mathematics: Sample question papers gives a thought about the topics, the quality expected, and therefore the skills required. Practice and solve problems extensively. Candidates need to study and follow a conventional approach but if they lack time then go for short cuts that will help boost MAT Exam preparation. Memorize tables, common cube roots and square roots, conversions from percent to fraction, and vice-versa to reinforce speed while maintaining accuracy.

  1. Read different articles: The more you read different articles the more it'll help in browsing the comprehension section. It will help to accumulate speed and precision. Before you start attempting, spend a while glancing at the questions within the comprehension section so that you don't spend much time reading things which are not asked in the questions.

  1. Practice on a Regular Basis: The sections on Data Analysis & Sufficiency and Intelligence & Critical Reasoning could be a new section for you. These are more tricky than difficult. Go through the sample papers carefully and make notes of the quirks involved. Regular practice will cause you to be more conversant in the themes and help to quickly interpret and solve problems.

  1. Improve your general awareness: The Indian and Global Environment section tests your general awareness. Extensively follow the news dailies and magazines, watch news channels and browse the web to stay updated with the present affairs associated with different national and international avenues. Solve as many papers as possible.

  1. Enhance your speed and accuracy: Firstly, try to solve various question papers consisting of various topics in a stipulated amount of time. Thereafter, solve a whole model paper or a previous paper to make sure if you'll finish in time. Although speed is a crucial aspect, accuracy is paramount. Extensive practice helps you achieve both.

  1. Crash courses: Enrolling in a good institute for MAT Exam preparation is useful . The institutes help to urge familiarity with the format of the exam and also conduct regular tests. Group discussions help to develop good speaking skills, enhance communication skills and also provides useful information. On the top, the institute will motivate you to enhance your skills as the atmosphere is quite competitive there.

  1. Be confident: Nervousness can spoil your preparation. To solve the MAT paper efficiently, you need to calm yourself and stay composed.

  1. Time management: Aspirants should take a glance at the entire paper in the beginning and only then start solving it. Solve the easy ones first then advance to the harder ones. Do not waste time on an issue if you grind to a halt . Read the questions carefully to avoid misinterpretation. Re-check the paper before submitting.


To clear the MAT Exam, remember to have self-confidence on yourself and also about what you have studied. Don't get demotivated by your peers or any body's words and also do not make yourself nervous. Go for it and give it your best shot. Believe in yourself, everything will be on place automatically. Good Luck!

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