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Job Opportunities after doing MBA Finance.

Updated on 21 October 2022
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Updated on 21 October 2022

MBA is a full-fledged two years post-graduation degree where you can choose a specialization in finance, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, consulting and information system. You need to choose any one of the above specializations in the second year of your MBA. You can choose any one of the above of your interest and make your career in that field in future. MBA in Finance has always been in demand in past, present and future. Here we will discuss various job opportunities after doing an MBA in finance

MBA is the most prestigious careers that brings many new and exciting career opportunities for individuals. The starting salary of an MBA graduate is very high as compared to others. This article will help all the students who are persuing their MBA or want to go for it.

 A student who wants to pursue his/her career in the field of finance can take up finance as his /her specialization.

An MBA in Finance helps you to become a finance expert.

It is a competitive, lucrative and in-demand specialization among recruiters. It is a very famous specialization among the students as well. Are you looking for one of them?

Let's understand the skills needed for job opportunities after MBA in finance:

Are you are someone who is a math geek or someone who loves maths? Are you someone who has great quantitative and analytical skills then you should go for specialization in finance.

Some of the major syllabus for the MBA in finance:

  1. Corporate finance
  2. Macroeconomics
  3. Financial derivatives
  4. International Financial Markets

Apart from these, there are many other subjects like equity, fintech, business strategy, capital markets etc that will open various job opportunities after MBA in finance.

Let's see various job opportunities after doing an MBA in finance:

  1. Investment Banks
  2. Commercial Banks
  3. Brokerage firms
  4. Consulting firm
  5. Not for profit entities

The job roles of a Finance specialization student are:

  1. Financial manager
  2. Financial analyst
  3. Risk analyst
  4. Insurance manager
  5. Credit analyst

The aim of the MBA in finance is to have a great analytical foundation, economic analysis, mathematics and statistics.

The salary of MBA Finance in India is Rs 678000 pa. The salary increases based on experience and skills.

Let's see who all are the top recruiters of MBA Finance:

  1. HDFC Bank
  2. Accenture
  3. EY
  4. TCS
  5. Morgan Stanley
  6. ICICI Banks

The salary of an MBA finance is always the highest, but there is also too much pressure in this field. Your work-life balance might not be efficient.

Let's see the top MBA Business school in India for MBA finance

  1. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  2. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
  3. Xavier's Labour Research Institute, Jamshedpur
  4. Indian Institute of Management, Banglore
  5. Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi
  6. JBIMS Mumbai


So these were all various job opportunities after doing an MBA in finance. MBA finance is a great specialization for those who have a keen financial market interest and those who are highly versatile with portable skills. It has always been a highly sought after specialization. Good luck to all!

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