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Updated on 07 July 2020
Educational Guide
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Updated on 07 July 2020

Examination is something we often look upon with fear. This is because either we lack confidence,are lazy for preparation or simply believe that examinations aren't that important. 

Adeleke Adeite once said that "Examination is not only the test of intelligence, it is also the test of independence and confidence. See beyond those through Questions". And how strikingly true this is!

When looked closely, one may understand examination helps you gain knowledge, confidence, inculcates an enthusiasm and competitive spirit, it is a medium of self analysis and improvement. Sometimes the main goal of appearing in an examination is getting a lucrative job opportunity or entering into your dream college. To achieve this sort of goal it is highly important that one must score well, and endure its teachings.

Scoring highest or achieving the maximum marks in an examination can be a tricky proposition but definitely not a difficult one.

Today we have curated a few tricks to possibly achieve your dream score in your prospective examination.

  1. Understanding all the aspects of the examination : Knowing everything about the prospective examination is a must. Gather all sorts of information like syllabus, exam dates, updates, books to be referred etc. Being informed helps you stay focused. This is because we tend to be more confident about the things we know. Therefore knowing all the intricate details of the examination is the first thing you must look for.
  2. Develop a right mind frame : A right frame of mind is the most important aspect in order to achieve what you desire. A stable, sound, relaxed and focused mind does much more wonders. And to achieve it one must be passionate about his goal. Timely Leisure activities prove beneficial to get rid of the stress and tiredness. Meditation and exercise helps to stay fit and focused.
  3. Understanding the Paper Pattern : This is the most important step which many tend to overlook. Paper Pattern is the basic structure of the main question paper. This not only helps to understand the type of questions asked and marks allotted to it, but also helps to build strategies and understand the areas of focus.
  4. Practice : It is said practice makes a man perfect. And with adequate practice one can not only master a concept but also the entire subject. Practicing a particular Mathematics sum, writing skills or even an answer helps you to learn it while having proper understanding of the same. It helps to improve memory retention and enables you to avoid rode learning.
  5. Previous years question papers : Previous years question papers are a boon to a student. They are generally used for self assessment but they can also help extract the concepts on which questions are asked frequently. This helps a student to focus on those areas and concepts, which turns out to be beneficial in the main examination.
  6. Time management : While preparing for a competitive exam, time management is a must. An exam preparation with and without time management is just like an organized and disorganized wardrobe. In a disorganized wardrobe everything is a mess, but in an organized one everything is at its proper place, easy to access and can make space for more. Similarly, with an Organized schedule you can complete your task efficiently and also can take up assessments, free time etc according to your convenience without being overburdened.
  7. Give ample time for preparation : With the vast syllabus, it is important that the preparation begins much prior. This enables you to have enough time for syllabus completion and have multiple revision sessions.
  8. Learn to structure your answers : Writing an answer can be tricky. With a load of information in the mind, writing it in an effective manner is a skill. Usually, an answer can begin with a basic introduction about the concept the question is asked, this can be an illustration, definition etc. Then comes the main body of the answer wherein you explain and elaborate the concept and later can be a concluding paragraph.
  9. Implement memory tricks : Tricks to remember a certain formula or important points can be fun as well as beneficial. Can you remember how we learnt the sequence of colors in the rainbow. Yes! VIBGYOR. Such tricks are impactful in order to remember. Do try!!
  10. Revisions : Completing your syllabus much early and having multiple revision sessions would ensure enormous practice. This would help build up confidence and enables you to have a better hold and knowledge of the syllabus.

Cracking an examination can be easy with passion, dedication, efforts and a right approach.

Happy preparation!!

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