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Preparation Strategy for AILET.

Updated on 04 November 2022
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Updated on 04 November 2022

Every exam needs preparation and strategy, without it you won't be able to excel in any exam. You must prepare a proper schedule so that you are disciplined for studying for that exam. Let's look at the Preparation strategy for AILET exam for all the aspirants who wish to crack this exam in the first attempt.

AILET refers to All India Law Entrance Test conducted by NLU Delhi. It is a five year integrated program for undergraduate and 3 year program for post graduate.

AILET is a tough exam, but do you know why it is a tough exam?

It is a tough exam from a competition point of view not from the exam point of view. The paper of AILET 2019 was a challenging paper for the candidates.

The number of seats are quite less this time and 50% reservation is there for the residents of Delhi. Hence, the competition for the outsiders is going to be a bit tough this year.

Paper Structure for AILET

Sr No


No of questions

Total questions






General knowledge (history, geography, science,civics)








Logical Reasoning




Legal Aptitude






  1. Negative marking of 0.25 is applicable.
  2. The time duration for this exam is 90 minutes. 
  3. This exam completely depends on how you manage your time, that is in 90 minutes you need to solve 150 questions.
  4. The first and foremost thing that you need to do for getting into top colleges is analysing each section of AILET from the past papers of AILET 2017,2018,2019.

But for more clarity let's examine each section of CLAT exam and also look at some of the preparation tips for AILET Exam that one needs to know.

1) English

  1. There are total 35 questions asked in this section.
  2. Study figures of speech vary thoroughly as it is asked every year.
  3. Practice sentence correction questions, in sentence correction you must know:

Subject Verb Agreement

  1. Pronoun
  2. Modifiers
  3. Parallelism
  4.  Comparison
  5.  Tenses
  6.  Idioms and Phrases

Learn Vocabulary especially

  1. Mix of analogies
  2. Usage of the words
  3. Clause test
  4. You can easily score 32 marks in this section if you do the above topics thoroughly.
  5. Learn one word daily to be good with vocabulary

2) General Knowledge

The GK section of this exam is quite manageable and easy. This is one of the most important preparation tips for AILET exam as candidates can score easily here. It is not at all difficult, there are some standard topics that are asked every year in the exams. Let's have a look at those:

  1. Geography
  2. Trade wind
  3. Solistice
  4. Eclipse
  5. Season in India
  6. Study these topics thoroughly and such topics are asked every year.

Unique and important news

  1. If you read newspaper everyday, then if there is some news that is unique and eye catching note down the highlight so that it is easy to revise in the last month.
  2. Economy based current affairs questions are very important especially looking at the situation right now there will be a sure shot question asked about it.

3) Mathematics

  1. There are 10 questions in this Math section.
  2. Topics that are asked in this section are mostly from:
  3.  Percentage
  4. Profit and loss 
  5. Work and time
  6. Simple interest
  7. Compound interest
  8. In this section you can easily answer 6-7 questions.
  9. Study and make a note of all the formulas from this section.
  10. Practice this section very well there might be chances of getting full marks in this section.

4) Logical Reasoning

There are total 35 questions in this section

  1. Data Arrangements (5-6 questions)
  2.  Verbal reasoning
  3. Analogies
  4. Number series

These questions are quite tricky but easy to solve you can score 30-32 questions

5) Legal Reasoning

  1. There are 35 questions asked in this section.
  2. There are two types in this section:

1. Reasoning

  1. The questions in these sets are based on principles and facts.
  2. They are quite time consuming so try managing time.
  3. There are 20 questions asked in this set.

2. General knowledge

  1. If you have studied the GK section with accuracy then this set is a cakewalk for you.
  2. There are 15 questions asked in this set.

This was the complete preparation strategy for AILET Exam. The golden advice is that candidates must solve past papers to get good marks in this exam. I hope these tips will help you to excel in this examination. Good luck!

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