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AILET 2019:Exam Analysis.

Updated on 03 November 2020
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Updated on 03 November 2020

AIl India Law Entrance Test is an entrance exam for admission into National Law University Delhi. It is conducted itself by NLU Delhi, which is one of the top law colleges of India. They offer courses like BA.LLB(Hons) for the undergraduate and LLM for the post graduate students. In this article, we will discuss AILET 2019 Exam analysis i.e. the difficulty level for each section, marks distribution, etc.

According to AILET 2020 updates, the exam is going to be conducted on August 18, 2020. This year the paper will not be conducted through pen-paper mode, instead it will be an online computer based exam.

AILET Exam Highlights :

  1.  A total of 21509 applications were filed which were 4000 more than last year.
  2. The AILET 2019 paper was obviously lengthy like every year but it was quite tough compared to 2018.
  3. The options for some questions were quite close so it was bit tricky for the students.
  4. It contained a total of 150 questions for 90 minutes.
  5. For every correct answer 1 mark was given and for wrong answer -0.25 marks were deducted.
  6. There were no sectional time limits which may sound like a strategy to solve this paper but a paper based test like this requires additional time to mark answers on the OMR sheet.
  7. One must be careful about the time planning as it is a speed based test where you have 150 questions to solve in 90 minutes.

Now let us start with the AILET Exam analysis section by section


  1. There were 35 questions in this section.
  2. Similar to 2018, this section was grammar heavy with around 15 questions coming from sentence correction, parts of speech and figures of speech.
  3. Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension constituted a similar number of questions that is 8-12 questions.
  4.  Ideal attempt: 25+ questions
  5.  Good score: 20 above marks
  6.  Ideal time:   21 minutes.
  7. Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult.

General Knowledge

  1. This section had 35 questions.
  2. Around 70-80% questions were asked from current affairs.
  3. The current affairs topics were Global reports, Organisation and their heads, constitution, sports, international news on US and France, Babri masjid etc.
  4. The rest 30% questions constituted static GK.
  5. The topics from where the static GK questions came were geography and climate primarily.
  6.  Ideal attempt: 22+ questions
  7.  Good score:.  20 above marks
  8.  Ideal time:    10-12 minutes.
  9. Difficulty level: Moderate.

Legal Aptitude

  1. This section of the AILET Exam had 35 questions, maintaining the previous year stance this section had the toughest questions.
  2. The questions based on Legal Reasoning were 15-17 questions
  3. With around 60% of weightage legal knowledge constituted of 18-20 questions.
  4. This section was very lengthy, there were questions with facts that were interrelated so you had to be very sure in attempting such questions in Reasoning.
  5. Because if you get one fact incorrect, the entire series of that 3-4 questions would go wrong.
  6. These questions came from recent judgements like Babri Masjid, Pubg and also from Constitutional amendments.
  7. Ideal attempt:. 25+ questions
  8. Good score:.  21 above marks
  9. Ideal time:.   30 minutes
  10. Difficulty level: Difficult

Legal Reasoning 

  1. This section had 35 questions, the level of this section was moderate.
  2. The section was dominated by critical Reasoning with question types like Statement Assumption, Statement- Course of Action, Flaw in Reasoning, Syllogism.
  3. Critical reasoning constituted around 10-12 questions.
  4. There were also passage based questions, which had 10-12 questions of moderate level. 
  5. There were 2-3 questions each based on the topics like Direction, Analogies and Blood relation. 
  6. Ideal attempt:. 25+ questions
  7. Good score: 20 and above marks
  8. Ideal time:  20 minutes
  9. Difficulty level: Moderate


  1. Mathematics was the easiest of all sections, there were a total of 10 questions.
  2. The topics that were questioned in this section were Time and Work, Ratios, Averages, Percentage, Time-Speed-Distance and Mensuration.
  3. Ideal attempt: 8+ questions
  4. Good score: 5 and above marks
  5. Ideal time:.  8 minutes
  6. Difficulty level: Easy 

Now after the complete AILET Exam analysis each section of this paper I would say the Overall difficulty of this whole paper was in between moderate to difficult.

A good attempt would be 110 and above questions and an ideal score would be 85 and above. 

This was all about the AILET 2019 Exam analysis. I always say to get good marks in any paper you need to have a strategy. Especially this exam needs a lot of strategy and preparation it might be about managing time or about solving how many questions in the each section. Prepare a good strategy and solve past papers from 2016 to 2019.If you do these things with 100% dedication, no one can stop you to get into the NLU Delhi. Believe in yourself and give it your best shot. Good Luck!

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