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Updated on 07 July 2020
Educational Guide
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Updated on 07 July 2020

In today's world, having a command on vocabulary is a must. Insufficient understanding of words and sentences usually hinders a child's understanding and expression of ideas. With English being the commercial language, it has also been the teaching language in majority schools. It forms an integral part of the curriculum from language, science, social science and even mathematics. Unfortunately due to the spoken language being different, the child may have problems with English. This is majorly due to lack of communication in English and can cause low confidence while speaking it. Other than this, English language is one of the important subjects. As per a survey, children find writing skills tough as it requires writing down their thoughts and ideas. Students majorly struggle with expression of these ideas and putting them into appropriate sentences with correct grammar. With proper practice and approach one can master the speaking as well as writing skills.

Tips to Improve Vocabulary :

  1. Read enormously : Reading is of great importance, it enables you to be familiar with the language. You may read textbooks, newspapers, articles on the internet or novels. 
  2. Listen to video content that is in English : Listening is a form of acquiring knowledge. Watching videos is a kind of interaction between the output of the content and your mind. It grasps the tone, pronunciations, new words etc.
  3. Communicate : Learning without implementation is a wrong practice. Communicate in english with all the knowledge you gathered by reading and watching videos or movies. It is a form of practice. 
  4. Learn two new words everyday and use them while communicating : Learning new words enables you to expand your knowledge of words. This would enable you to use appropriate words that match the tone of the content. These can be absolute new words or synonyms of the words you already know .
  5. Ask : While communicating there can be situations where you do not understand a meaning of the word used by your friend or teacher. Do not hesitate to ask it's meaning. Asking will add to your knowledge and confidence. We must always understand No one is Perfect. It is the efforts you take that makes you grow.
  6. Learn Grammar : Grammar is an important part of any language. With a hold over grammar one can in turn develop a command over the language. Starting with the formation of a sentence is an ideal approach.
  7. Play games : Games are always fun. Playing games like crossword etc enables you to think, practice and implement at the same time.
  8. Learn phrases and idioms : Use of phrases and idioms makes any communication interesting. This advances your command over the language.
  9. Record yourself : Pick up a topic and start speaking on it. Simultaneously record your voice and listen to it. This would enable you to analyze the areas of improvements.
  10. Surround yourself with positivity : Learning is a combination of success and failure. Surround yourself with the people who motivate and encourage you to do better.

After improving your vocabulary, improving your writing skills becomes an easy task.

Tips to Improve Writing skills : 

  1. Be on point and be clear with your thoughts : Before writing an essay or any article, it is very important to have a clear idea and acquire relevant information regarding the topic. Always avoid beating around the bush. Write with an on point content.
  2. Structure the content appropriately : A well structured article always gives a pleasant reading experience. A basic structure of a content has an introduction, body and conclusion. Take care of paragraph formation, punctuation etc.
  3. Use quotes, phrases etc wherever possible : Add a fun element to your content with relevant quotes and phrases. Doing so will also add value and meaning to your content.
  4. Start writing a diary : Practice writing on various topics. This can also be done by writing your day to day experiences and your opinions. It will help you manifest your thoughts and outlook over things and in turn improve your writing skills.
  5. Get it assessed : Write an essay or an article on a regular basis and get it checked from your parents or teacher. This will enable you to understand the scope improvement and gain important tips from them.

Following the above mentioned steps shall help you improve your vocabulary and excel in the writing skills. Both these skills would prove beneficial throughout life. All the best!

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