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Computer Programming languages in 2020

Updated on 08 July 2020
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Updated on 08 July 2020

Python: The most versatile of the top programming languages of 2020

In this programming language we need to learn python 3 and sql is must for the beginners

Java: The workhorse of programming

All the mobile phones are used by this language in the form of Android so its very important to learn this language and its create once run anywhere is a business technique

JavaScript: Making websites interactive

 It works with HTML and CSS to allow businesses to create interactive sites. It’s an extremely important addition to the top programming languages of 2020, as most websites rely on the functionality that JavaScript brings.

C++: The (almost) benchmark language

It builds on the language and allows for object-oriented programming. Because of the ubiquity of these languages, they’re a good starting point for new programmers.

C#: The enterprise language

It’s commonly used to create internal applications for businesses, so developers will likely find themselves making bespoke software. Perhaps this is why we don’t see as much demand these days, as businesses move to more web apps and cloud-based services.

PHP: The language of servers

As an open-source language,it seems that the demand is still low in comparison to languages like JavaScript.

Perl: The duct-tape of the internet

The downside is that Perl gets a bit of a bad rap. This is largely due to the code that developers write, rather than the language itself. And over the last few years, jobs have remained steady, if low.

And now its your choice to learn the language which will be helpful for your programmer or software developer career

What companies need to create a code in any language with database related well suited to them

So learn everything in how to code your self

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