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Preparation Strategy for ESE Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Updated on 09 July 2020
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Updated on 09 July 2020

Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is conducted once a year by the Union Service Public Commission (UPSC) for engineering graduates. The level of this exam is tough. It is mainly because of the reputed job opportunities that this exam provides to an individual. After clearing this exam with good marks, individuals are offered jobs in sectors like Indian Railways, Government sectors, agencies, ministries, telecommunication services, etc. Keeping in mind the level of this exam, it is important to prepare for it effectively. In this article, we will discuss a detailed preparation strategy for candidates preparing for the ESE Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

It is important that candidates set an appropriate base to study the advanced topics for this exam. For this, they should learn and understand the concepts of electronics and telecommunications engineering from the start itself. It is necessary that candidates start their preparation for the exam when they are recently graduated or are in their final year of graduation. 

Generally, the ESE exam covers 50-60% of the syllabus similar to the engineering syllabus. So they should focus primarily on their engineering concepts and then study the ESE exam syllabus. The syllabus for this exam is quite vast so candidates must first study the exam pattern, exam trends, importance/weightage of each topic, etc. 

Candidates should know that the ESE exam is divided into Prelims and Mains Exam. Those who clear the Prelims exam are only eligible to appear for the mains exam. To study for the prelims exam, one needs to focus on the General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics. This section should not be neglected as it holds a major contribution in the prelims and is sometimes a deciding factor for whether the candidate should appear in the mains exam or not. 

To study for electronics and telecommunications (Prelims exam), take online mock tests. This will help candidates understand the overall exam approach and to complete the paper on time. There are many mock tests available online which can help candidates for good practice. It is advised to take mock tests frequently. Note that, for each wrong answer, ⅓ marks are deducted in the prelims so prepare accordingly for the exam. 

As the mains exam is subjective, candidates have to prepare answers for the subject. There are many core concepts in the ESE Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering which need to be understood. To prepare for that, candidates must keep the habit of writing lengthy answers. Don’t just memorize the concepts but try to understand it. This will help the candidates to prepare better for the mains exam. 

Reference books play a major role in the preparation of ESE. Refer to the standard reference books. If candidates are not sure which books to refer to then take the help of any senior faculty or previous year toppers.  

Some of the reliable reference books for electronics & telecommunications engineering are:

  1. Electronic Devices & Circuits & Analog Electronics- by JB Gupta, Sedra and Smith.
  2. Communication System- by B.P Lathi, Kennedy and Davis.
  3. Control System- by I.G Nagrath and M.Gopal
  4. Electro Magnetic Theory - by W.H Hayt and John Buck
  5. Digital Electronics- by M.Morris Mano, RP Jain and Mathur
  6. Question Bank in Electronics and Communication Engineering by J.B Gupta and Prem Chadha

Make an appropriate study plan that will help candidates in time management. Identify the tough topics and give enough time to the topics that are important. Try to first revise the tough topics so that easy topics can be revised later within a little amount of time.

With this approach, candidates can clear the ESE Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering stream. Clearing this exam will open tons of opportunities for individuals. The exam has a lot of scope for engineering graduates as with job security they get additional allowances, good pay, etc. So to clear this exam one needs to prepare strategically and dedicate lots of time.

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