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ESE Topper Tips: How to Clear the exam with good scores

Updated on 13 July 2020
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Updated on 13 July 2020

Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is considered to be one of the toughest exams in India. There are many candidates who appear for the exam and yet only some of them are able to clear/score good marks in the exam. Becoming an ESE Topper is not easy but it is also not impossible as well. In this article, we have curated the tips from the toppers of the ESE exams. It will help candidates understand how to approach or prepare for the exam better. 

  1. The primary thing to consider before preparing for the exam is when to start the preparation. Well, according to the toppers, the ideal time to start the preparation would be around 12-18 months before the examination. One should start the preparation when they are in their final year of engineering graduation. This will give them enough amount of time to study for the exam. 

  1. Knowing the proper exam syllabus is very necessary. An ESE aspirant must cover the entire ESE syllabus while preparing for the exam along with their engineering syllabus as well. Those who wish to pursue a good rank in the exam must not risk leaving any small part of the syllabus. 

  1. Maintaining a strict schedule is also necessary here. An ESE aspirant should make a proper schedule for themselves that will help them keep a track of their studying hours and the syllabus coverage. Aspirants are advised to not blindly follow other’s/toppers schedules. They should make their own schedule which will make them feel comfortable. Strictly stick to the schedule every day

  1. Choosing the wrong coaching institute can be a very risky game. Aspirants should first research the coaching i.e. check the testimonials of toppers or previous year students to get an understanding of what the coaching has to offer. Similarly, check if they cover all the important topics or entire ESE exam syllabus

  1. The aspirants should give importance to college exams and the guidance of their teachers. College exams play an important role for the preparation of ESE Exams. This is especially important for those who have not joined coaching. Take the guidance from the college teachers and give college exams sincerely to score better in ESE Exams. 

  1. For the Mains Exam, Keep the habit of writing long answers from the previous year’s question papers. As the Mains paper is conventional, aspirants should give additional exams for practicing to write long answers. 

  1. It is necessary to refer to the previous year’s papers to have a good understanding for what UPSC asks in the exam. It is advised to Solve those papers frequently. 

  1. Set a particular goal for the ESE Exam. An ESE Topper has always set a specific goal like to score these many marks in the Prelims or Mains Exams. Goals help you reach to the target better. 

  1. Opting for a Test series is another good option for practicing the paper, analyze one’s performance and improving accordingly. Aspirants should take online or offline test series frequently. 

  1. Aspirants must follow a flexible strategy. If they have problem with their studying hours then adjust it according to their need. If they don’t have sufficient notes to study then quickly refer to the standard reference books. 

  1. Work smartly towards the preparation of the exam. The aspirants should know that there are no shortcuts to success. One thing which they can do is to prepare smartly for the exam. Reading the entire reference book or newspapers daily will not help as aspirants don’t have that much time to prepare for the exam. Reading an entire book to gain all the knowledge or reading newspapers to know all the current issues won’t help as the information is quite vast. Aspirants must figure out the important sections and study accordingly.

  1.  The last thing is to practice more and more. Aspirants must practice previous year’s question banks in order to get a good grip over the subject. If there are any common subjects then aspirants must practice that also. For Example, some of the topics for electrical and electronics & telecommunications engineering are the same. So attempt both the subjects question banks. 

An ESE Topper is the same aspirant who had the determination and will to study for the exam. These are the tips that one must follow to score good marks in the ESE Exam. Apart from this, one must put a lot of effort to study and clear the exam with flying colors.

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