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GD Goenka DAT Exam: Exam info, Paper Pattern, Syllabus, and Tips.

Updated on 17 November 2020
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Updated on 17 November 2020

GD Goenka is a top and prestigious private university in India. They have many schools and colleges all over India. In this article, we will cover GD Goenka DAT Exam Info that one needs to know of. They have 40 institutes throughout India, from preschool to postgraduate. One of the Bachelor and postgraduate courses that GD Goenka offers is Fashion and Design. They conduct a design aptitude test (DAT) for the admission in this course for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

After qualifying in DAT, the students need to appear for the personal interview round. This college also accepts the NID DAT score, students who have NID DAT scores need not appear for GD Goenka DAT paper, they directly need to appear for a personal interview round.

GD Goenka DAT Exam Eligibility:

For undergraduate, any student who has appeared 12th from a recognized board or university with passing marks is eligible for admission for Bachelor in a design course.

For postgraduate, any student who has cleared graduation from a recognized University is eligible for a Masters course.

GD Goenka DAT Exam Paper Pattern:

  1. The GD Goenka DAT paper pattern is very similar to other design entrance exams like NID and NIFT. 
  2. This exam is for 3 hours where the candidate is judged on the basis of creative and observational skills.
  3. The questions are more in the aspect of innovation and development of a concept and also on the ability to design a given product creatively.

GD Goenka DAT Exam Syllabus:

As I have said before that this exam is similar to the NID and NIFT exam. There is no proper syllabus for this examination but still, I have tried to jot down some topics that the examiner might ask:

  1. Folk Music/Dance/ Dresses 
  2. Monuments and Architecture
  3. Painting band Painter's
  4. Photography and Film
  5. Environmental awareness
  6. Logos/symbol
  7. Observing figures/ Drawings
  8.  Colour theory
  9.  Conventional Topics like Non-Verbal Reasoning, verbal reasoning, and quantitative aptitude.

These are some of the intellectual topics that are asked in the exam.

Now let's look at the practical topics of this examination:

  1. Perspective
  2. Principal of design
  3.  Forms
  4. Proportion and scaling
  5.  Light and Shadow
  6.  Typography
  7.  Tools 
  8. Storyboard
  9.   Activities like poster making, logo design, representation 

GD Goenka DAT Exam Examtips:

It is important that you follow a good GD Goenka DAT Exam preparation strategy to boost your exam preparation. Refer to some of the tips below.

1. Prepare visual Notes

This exam is all about visual intelligence, if you want to improve your visual intelligence skills then start preparing notes. So whatever you read should be in visual form. For eg let's say you read about a dancer, take a screenshot or make a note of it. This will help you revise and revisit those topics again and again and slowly you will see a rise in confidence.

2. Practice past papers

By practicing past papers you will understand the pattern and the type of questions asked in this exam and you will gain confidence and get good marks.

3. Plan a proper timetable

One of the important GD Goenka DAT Exam tips is to make a proper time table. Proper planning of a timetable and timing will help you to excel in this paper smoothly. Do not skip any day without practicing for this exam. Try to be consistent as it is very important for this exam.

4. Track your time while preparing for this paper

A student's success depends upon completing the paper on time. In order to do this, it is essential that a certain amount of time is allotted to each question. If you stick to the allotted timing your paper will complete before the time.

5. While preparing for the exam, sketch lightly

While practicing for this examination it is preferable to sketch lightly so that you minimize the time that you are spending on erasing it. Once you are confident about the picture then you can darken it. Try and reduce the use of an eraser as much as you can as it can save your lot of time. This will spare a lot of time to focus on aspects like detail and shading.

6. Give preference to details

 If you give preferences to details then it gives life to the drawing. The detailing helps the examiner to understand what the applicant wishes to portray from the sketch. Use shading as and when required and ensure to give finishing touches, as it gives a good appearance.

7. Watch your health

Make sure you take proper care of your health and follow a proper diet. Don't take a lot of stress as it will deteriorate your health and make you feel unwell get a proper sleep and give your exam with a fresh mind.

This was the complete GD Goenka DAT Exam Info. I hope the information about the paper pattern and syllabus is quite clear. Practice past papers and sketches to improve your creativity skills. Try and visualize new creative ideas as it will help you during the examination. Good Luck!

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